Are Lightworkers overworked?

Lightworkers, by the very nature of what they do, and why they choose to follow their vocation will differ from person to person. However, there is no way of knowing how many lightworkers there are, the number of active ones, those who have chosen not to answer the calling, those who have retired, and those who are on a break. One thing is certain—the task is getting harder, and simply some lightworkers are too tired to continue with their workload.

Having exhausted, weak, and discontented lightworkers is counter productive. Like a company, much depends on the strengths of the team, and if lightworkers don’t get a break or assistance, then like other jobs they quit or take early retirement. As most lightworkers get drawn to those in need (and vice versa), sometimes duty and a moral obligation will supersede the practicalities of assisting another. While it is commendable wanting to help another, there is a possibility it will weaken the lightworker, more than they anticipate.

I do feel lightworking is harder recently, because people are struggling to accept they need to face certain conflicts, therefore, each assignment takes longer. Many lightworkers are now opting to retreat into a hermitage, and are not near those who need assistance (the internet still allows assistance though), and there are not enough active lightworkers willing to make sacrifices. Yes, I said the word sacrifice. Now I know many lightworkers will say, feel, and think that their work is not a sacrifice, but is part of their life purpose. However, sacrifices are made, for the bigger picture. Whether you put a friendship on hold, neglect a relationship, alter your own plans, or find your life decisions are dependent on others wise or poor choices. Sometimes it may not seem worth it and I’ll be honest here and say at times it does feel like that, especially when your own personal goals have taken a back seat. I don’t resent helping others, because more often than not, there was no one else to help them. This may account for some lightworkers choosing to switch off, or reject the calls when help is asked for. No one wishes to see another suffer, but newer lightworkers may not have learned to say no, or how to balance their energies.

Lightworkers are stretched to their limits these days, which is why many do seek refuge in retreats, or get burnt out. What is the answer? No one can force a lightworker to be active, but a solution does lie in preparing the Soul for an incarnation, so they need less support from a lightworker. Maybe the Spirit Realm needs to assist lightworkers so they don’t get disheartened, then more would be willing to remain active? Right now they are high in demand, but short in supply. Most active lightworkers are taking on too much, and are learning to say no, not because they don’t wish to help, but because in the interests of self-preservation. Many have the capacity to cope with the added burden, but it takes them longer to heal, and I ask—is that fair?

©2016. S.T. Alvyn.

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