What does being ‘Spiritual’ mean?

There is no actual definition, and it means different things to everyone. I pondered this as I’ve just set up a forum with a spiritual friend called Spiritual Souls. The name was my idea, but then I thought what is a spiritual soul? We had discussed this for a while, because we (and several others) had become disaffected with other forums. Recently there were more negative remarks, and others claiming they have been told X or Y and stating they were correct (nothing is definitive in the spiritual world), and even though we all experience some negativity, life is a series of events where we have to learn to cope with them. There is spiritual logic too, and while people have their own theories, unhelpful ones do not encourage growth, where people blame spirituality on what has happened to them, and want spirituality to solve things. Sometimes people create their own issues, but don’t wish to admit to it, so are they spiritual or yearning to be?

To me being spiritual is having faith and a belief in forces that we cannot authenticate or physically see, which guides us in life towards a better and fruitful path. It’s your own moral code and ethics, which you create from a combination of experiences and knowledge.

It would be wrong to assume every psychic, medium, shaman, healer, astrologer, numerologist, yoga bunny, or witch is automatically spiritual. Most are, but you can be spiritual without religion or being any of the above. For instance a witch that creates a spell that creates harm is not spiritual—spiritual acts should always (in my book) be positive. That doesn’t mean negativity doesn’t exist, but that it can be used in spiritual growth, by learning what is wrong or right; an example would be betrayal—when we experience it, we learn different levels of trust and how to deal with betrayal next time, or help others to cope.

 Each of us may have spiritual beliefs based on experience, what we have read or heard, or on our feelings. There is no wrong or right, or who is to say someone is more spiritual than another. We are all evolving and developing. Those who quote information such as angel rankings may wish to sound more spiritually superior, but does it help anyone except their ego?

Too often spiritualism is labeled new age, or overly religious and creates a negative perception to others. That’s why forums do help, so others can express themselves and share things that they know many will not understand. With all things, there are others that think they are spiritual or wish to be, but may not be in the eyes of others. Don’t judge people by what they read, the people they follow, or the places they visit. Many people try to find spirituality by visiting retreats, or going to workshops. They may find inspiration and it’s good to network too, but each of us has to decide what is right for ourselves. Being a spiritual person is about honesty and integrity, and being able to own up and learn from their mistakes, and not blame or depend on Spirit.

©2016. S.T. Alvyn. All rights reserved.

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