Does the LOA give people false hope?

There are a multitude of books, seminars, and websites dedicated to the Law of Attraction, but is it honest, or is it a means of making money by giving people hope? My instinct says the latter, because while some gifted in the magickal arts have manifestation powers, the power of Fate is more powerful.

The premise of the LOA is to only have positive thoughts and that will attract money, wealth, and luck your way—that you attract what happens to you via your thoughts. Therefore, if you have negative thoughts, then the premise is that you have attracted and brought those actions upon yourself. As someone who deals with Soul work, including healing, many issues will have been planned already. No amount of positive thoughts can prevent Fate and the planned Soul Goals.

I am all for positive thoughts, but that’s because it raises the spiritual vibrations and allows the Soul to connect to the Higher Self and Guides. It clears the mind and frees the Soul of negative blocks—whether it creates luck is debatable. It does allow you see the path more clearly, but do you need to attend a workshop or buy a book to inspire you? Maybe it’s a nudge people need, but are they being exploited because they need hope?

Often we only hear the ‘success’ stories, and not the experiences of those where the LOA did not prove fruitful. Do people blame themselves, or were they just not destined for a certain path? Taking a look at the disclaimers of sites that encourage and promote the LOA, the list of what they are not responsible for takes up several pages, but despite this there are numerous courses, books, workshops, and conferences that are sold. Most are on self-development and how to phrase affirmations. This is the territory of motivational and inspirational speakers and coaches, and writers of self-help books.

The danger in this is using these as a crutch and then following the speaker blindly. Each of us has our own path and goals; we can get inspired by success stories, but realistically it doesn’t happen to everyone, no matter how hard they try, and what course they follow. Destiny and Fate are more powerful than the LOA, by all means promote and strive to have positive thoughts, but don’t expect miracles to happen just because you have followed a guidebook. Beware of false preachers; many have followers that recruit others and all meet up at conventions. While networking can be useful, mentors should not preach, but guide through inspiration in a realistic manner.

Does the LOA work? Sometimes it does, but maybe that was destined in any case. If it doesn’t work, then what does that mean? That you didn’t stop the negative thoughts, or you phrased an affirmation incorrectly. Quite simply, it maybe not be what you need on your path, even if you want it. We don’t get what we want, but what we need. Many of the success stories may manipulate their tales; who knows what they really asked for and what they actually got? Be inspired by faith, and that you will get what you need and want, when you are ready.

© 2015. S.T. Alvyn. All Rights Reserved.

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