Can you teach someone to be Spiritual?

I’ve always been a little apprehensive in people making claims that they can teach someone to be a Spiritual, or how to be spiritual, because we all have different definitions of what it is to be spiritual, and each of us have different limitations, and abilities. Who can or should judge whether someone is spiritual, or who is more spiritual than others? I would not feel comfortable making that decision and issuing a certificate, although we can subconsciously sense who appears to be more spiritual, it’s not something that can be assessed or proven. By what marker or standard do people apply this to? What qualifies them to set that standard?

I once lived and worked in a spiritual retreat and what struck me was that many people who visited (and who worked there) wanted to be spiritual and thought they were by being there. One guest arrived having been previously and commented that there were barely any spiritual people there, except me who was a volunteer. He left the next day and took himself off the mailing list feeling let down and disillusioned. Naturally he assumed all the people there would be spiritual and that wasn’t the case. Many people said the right things (rhetoric), but their actions counteracted that—it takes more than words, written or verbal to be spiritual. The overused phrases of ‘gratitude’ and ‘love and light’ lose their meaning when people disguise their words behind them.

I believe you can be guided spiritually and someone can help you make sense of certain things, but they cannot teach you things that you need to experience. For many of us we struggle when we don’t understand why something has happened or hasn’t happened. At times there may not be an explanation, or one that you can understand and appreciate.

I do mentor people who cross my path—no one taught me how to do this and I have no paper qualifications, because it is through my experience and knowledge that I can help others. Some people feel they are spiritual, but in fact what they yearn for are answers and they think by becoming spiritual they will find them. When you discover and realize the answers; that is when your spiritual levels increase and awaken.

Among those I have mentored (this can be from discussing a reading, or helping them to talk an issue of concern through) some wish to become Spiritual Mentors. I tell them that it is not something you assume and decide to be; when people find their way to you, then you know that is what you were destined to be. However, it is a vocation that sits parallel with other tasks in life. Some may charge for their services, but genuine mentoring comes from the heart. I know some charge to prevent people clinging to them for advice on everything, as that often happens, so it is more to protect than to have any financial gain.

Recently I have seen more courses and workshops offering courses to ‘qualify’ as a Spiritual Mentor and that saddens me, as it has commercialized something that is sacred. A true Spiritual Mentor would be guided by Spirit and not by a series of lectures or classes. You can’t teach someone to be spiritual, but you can encourage and guide someone. If you looking to become spiritual, you already are, but need to develop it by consciously being aware of your actions and thoughts. That’s what being spiritual is about—taking responsibility for what you say and do and being the best you can be without harming another. You don’t need to pay anything to do that, only be true to yourself.

© 2015. S.T. Alvyn. All Rights Reserved.

One thought on “Can you teach someone to be Spiritual?

  1. YOu feel spirituality in your heart. Your right…you cant not teach it..exactly… You just acquire it over time.
    Words can not fully describe it.
    How can one describe…. connecting and feeling the divine as they channel through your entire body with a vibration so high it was like a bolt of lighting went through you. ITs a unique and individual experience.
    Have fun and enjoy..the experiences… thats the only goal.
    XOXO D. N.


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