How do you know?

This is one of the most infuriating questions to hear, because if you know anything about Spirituality or what claircognizance is, then you know that some things just cannot be explained. So why would anyone believe what you say? If it makes sense and is logical then why not if there are valid reasons, because we all have our own beliefs. Some wish to share why they have those beliefs and others prefer not to, only because it is information from a source that doesn’t exist on this physical plane.

I hear the Young Souls cry out, ‘What proof do you have…’ and ‘How can you say that is a fact?’ Initially it annoyed me, but it is a challenge to deal with them gently. The best way I have found is to let them find their own answers. If they have none, then how can they invalidate what they don’t know or understand? Sometimes this comes from those who only have access to lower frequencies and it’s their ego that says if they aren’t being told, then how would anyone else know?

There is also spiritual jealousy; those who are envious of others who have more gifts or can channel more clearly. They like to challenge others, which is actually so unspiritual! Some consider if they haven’t been shown, then it can’t be true, or what they have heard or been shown must be correct, even though the same message can be interpreted differently by readers. In addition there are some who claim they are natural born, I don’t know why they use that tag, because everyone is naturally born, but they assume their knowledge is greater and gives them some kind of advantage. Instead it stems from whether that person wishes and chooses to use those gifts. I’ve had readings from those who have added this tag to their name and pretty much the results were flowery words that could have applied to anyone in the world, with no actual purpose or guidance. Some people are ‘mentored’ but it doesn’t make them any more gifted or exceptional to any other spiritual people, but it can help them to control their abilities and not to be afraid of them.

Once again I was challenged as to how I know most Old Souls prefer to be alone. To be honest I expect it, but I also tire of it, as it’s a type of question that precocious children ask in class. Well being an Old Soul, and knowing quite a few (online) many of us share the same traits of frustration and needing to escape and have time alone. When you are claircognizant it is hard to explain how and why you know something; often it’s a feeling of positive or negative. There is never a ‘yes’ or ‘no’ but an option that is more probable if a question is asked and an instinct of the outcome. At times an answer will come out and I have will have little control over it, which is why solitude at times is best. A couple of times I have found myself saying things in one go, unexpectedly and I have come to learn that this happens when a message is needed. Whether it was because the other party needed to be warned and their own Guides thought it was better coming from me, directly rather than a subtle message, I don’t know. In any case, where the instances it has happened, guidance was followed, and where it wasn’t that outcome did play out.

What does amaze me is when people say certain Archangels have told them X or Y and they don’t get questioned because it has come (allegedly) from a source. So how do these people know which angel is communicating with them? Do they announce it or tell them? I doubt it because by the very nature of things, many spiritual beings do not have names, I imagine the person channeling feels the message has come from a certain source, but that is not to say it is so or definitive. After a while, some may recognize the frequency of a being and assume it is the same one. Angels come in the form of light, so sometimes you can feel them or see them, though I question the accuracy of the identities because while each has their own personality, it’s not as if they wear name badges, though the odd name I have encountered has been a thought at the time. Perhaps certain beings use particular readers or channelers to convey messages because they have a good rapport and can interpret the messages, like a favorite news reporter. I do wonder about the long channeled messages with as I call it flowery speak, because channeling isn’t dictation (unless it’s automatic writing) because they are thoughts that are transferred and it is how the reader interprets them.

While it’s good to question and be skeptical, it is fruitless to challenge something that can never be proven and when there is evidence why dispute it? I don’t usually respond to these questions because they generally come from Young Souls who have not grasped the ability to understand certain things. It would be like trying to teach a baby who can’t walk yet how to run a marathon; sometimes you have to let them grow up first before they can learn. I used to think it was my Old Soul impatience, but as I see more people questioning things, I noticed a pattern where people are questioning the basic principles of Spirituality. That’s why I think an information overload can be dangerous and confusing and while I want to answer their questions, how can you respond when you know they aren’t ready or able to understand?

© 2015. S.T. Alvyn. All Rights Reserved.

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