The Ethics of Spiritual Readings

There is an unspoken moral and ethical code that Guides will always convey to the Higher Self if the Soul is given the gift to communicate with the Spiritual Realm. However, as the internet has taken off and more people feel they have the ability to read, and do so without asking for consent. Many would consider a free reading a gift, but would you accept a gift from a stranger? Are these people doing it for their ego or to help? In which case I would ask, how do they know if they are actually helping; perhaps someone is aware they are in a bad relationship and are figuring out ways to cope and to deal with it, and don’t need anyone to remind them of it, considering an intrusion of privacy.

I find you can separate the genuine from the less experienced or faux readers. The rules are straightforward, however there are some that find excuses or attempt to validate a reasoning to follow their own code. Here are mine:

  1. A Reader must always gain permission for any reading or healing. This can be through being asked if a message can be given to them, or if someone asks for a reading (a reader can always refuse). Naturally if someone books a session and pays, that is consent.
  2. If a Reader can read someone and they do not consent, they should close the door on the message and not reveal what has been shown. Respect and confidentiality is essential, and is part of the burden of having gifts. Advanced Readers will know how to close the door, just as you know not to eavesdrop if someone is arguing.
  3. The Reader should not talk of death or ill health, but should warn by making suggestions if asked. Readings are possible outcomes only and should not influence decisions, but reaffirm and guide instead.

They are simple to follow, however it appears that many people either ignore this (through ego) or they are not aware, which indicates inexperience, but also disrespect. I posed this question to a few people and I was shocked with some of the responses. One claimed to not have an off switch so justified her readings because of this. Most people don’t have an off switch, but you can learn to pause or to turn the volume down. Skilled Sensitives will learn how to do this, because they need to save their energy; it’s like white noise in that you can hear it, but you don’t have to listen. It is no excuse to say because you can hear it you must listen.

Another claimed that it is up to the individual to put up shields if they don’t wish to be read and that is their responsibility. I find this reasoning unspiritual, because many people don’t know how to shield and why should they? That would be like saying everyone should carry a weapon to protect themselves when they don’t need to.

I find many of these readers do this from ego, just because you know something doesn’t mean you should say something. Perhaps the person knows and is in denial, or it’s something private that they are dealing with in their own way? Interfering when not asked is ethically wrong, and can cause more emotional damage.

Say for example someone complains they are having communication problems with their Guide, and then someone takes it upon themselves (without asking) to talk to their Guide. Is that wrong? Of course it is because that person did not ask or agree to any intervention. They probably won’t be able to communicate with the Guide in any case, but it’s the intent or lack of respect that is the issue. Putting into context it’s like someone complaining about communicating with their husband to a co-worker, then the co-workers takes it upon themselves to talk to the husband. It’s not ethical and it’s interfering without permission. If the person was asked then the person has a choice to or not, just like a Reader can choose to read or not.

Each person has to follow their own moral code, but gifts are given and are to be used responsibly. You wouldn’t want a stranger to go into your house unannounced or invited, even if the door was open and that’s what a reading without permission is like. I don’t consider being an uninvited guest as moral personally, but the clearest messages and those that serve the Soul well are those that are delivered on request and through the correct channels, not those who open letters not addressed to them.

© 2015. S.T. Alvyn. All Rights Reserved.

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