Faux spirituality and why skepticism is healthy

I am a skeptic; I always have been and probably will remain so, but that doesn’t mean I don’t have an open mind. I accept that some things can never be proven and am open up to theoretical explanations and theories.

There is a difference between skepticism and doubting what can be construed as reasonable, so while it is healthy it should be balanced with what is possible and likely. Spiritual skepticism arises when people make claims to being X or Y, saying they know a ‘yes’ or ‘no’ answer without a reason, because I don’t think it is that easy. In my experience you get a feeling of whether something will have a positive outcome or if there maybe obstacles. This turns into cynicism when people make claims to things that I don’t resonate with, naturally I may not resonate with everything though, but sometimes there is the spiritual BS. These are the faux spiritualists (IMHO) and they do more harm, so often I don’t encourage them because I would only be feeding their ego.

Someone once claimed to have communicated with my Higher Self (without permission) and proceeded to tell me what I was thinking and what it was thinking. All were incorrect and I reprimanded him (his intentions were good) as I firmly told him it was not my Higher Self and that you should never attempt to read the Higher Self of another without permission. It’s like walking in on someone in the bathroom. That is why many psychics ask if they can give you a message, as that means you are allowing your Higher Self to communicate with other spirits that may appear. You will have seen it on shows or when readings are done in a live audience where the Sensitive will ask “Can I come to you?”

Another person decided to reveal they had been a spiritual master in a previous life and others entertained this notion. I find such a revelation to be the complete opposite of what spirituality is, as each of use learns at different levels and there is much that we can share, but there is more that we keep to ourselves and share discreetly.

I don’t think humanity is ready for some of the knowledge some spiritual people possess, and the constant negativity of outing people doesn’t help spirituality on a whole. Spirituality is not an exact science and Mediums do get things wrong because they may interpret things differently from how others see things, or the frequencies are not clear. In some ways it’s like reading a photocopy where the ink is nearly running out; some parts you can read and other parts are faded or blank and you have to logically fill in the blanks of the partial words and letters.

Of course there are the charlatans and cold readers as well, but maybe they want to believe they have abilities, but it’s not like plastic surgery. You can read the basics and know the jargon, but when it comes to receiving messages and information only the individual to whom it has been sent will know what it actually means. The middle-man (Sensitive) will know how to interpret most things, but unless there is a connection with the reader’s Higher Self then the message will be vague, hence why if a reader is blocked or unwilling to be read, the message will be blurred.

I find there are more people claiming spiritual gifts, maybe to cash in or as an ego trip. Those who set up schools and develop mentoring courses I do wonder about; one to one is another matter, but to set up a file of video tutorials and some meditations and to pass them off as a course is very wrong in my eyes. Even those who say they run a not for profit center, unless I can actively see where the profits are going, I wonder what the real intent is? Just because a place has a spiritual name board above the door doesn’t actually mean it really is spiritual, or their view of spirituality maybe questionable. It’s the same when I see people classifying themselves as natural born and because they have an alleged heritage, it verifies their abilities. As we know the Soul doesn’t always incarnate in the same family line; Soul Groups can be those close to you, and not necessarily related.

I also find the abundance of coaching courses and teach yourself how to channel, read, and learn to be a Medium courses fairly dangerous, because many of these skills cannot be taught, but you can train those who have gifts. The genuine ones I know of are Shamans who do not charge, but take on students only if they feel a connection. Unfortunately there are too many self-help gurus under the blanket of spirituality, who advertise and sell their workshops and courses online. While there should be an exchange for time, I’m not sure several hundred dollars is appropriate for video seminars, some meditation downloads and a few overpriced e-books. It saddens me that some people will be taken in by this ruse and as a result it gives spirituality a bad reputation.

I do find it is healthy to be skeptical and then if you are shown proof of something, then you know that it was shown to you to give you faith. Maybe a coincidence occurred that changed your life, or you asked for a sign and you received it. You can remain skeptical, but when it happens too often, you have to take notice and wonder.

As a claircognizant I can’t explain how or why I know things and people do question me. If you ask me a question and I answer it, then why question my answer? Why ask me if you don’t want to believe the answer. Most of the people who I have advised took it with a pinch of salt, but then would tell me much later on that my answers did become a reality. One was the end of a relationship and a house move (despite not wanting either, but Fate had other plans), another did end up in a coma as I had envisaged and warned them about, and sadly one was someone losing their job and home. In the latter case, they were excited about being given their own cabin in a residential place and said they would live there forever. Without thinking (the words just came out of mouth) I told him it would not be his home for long and that he should look for other options as a back up. This was despite him being a long-standing staff member and the head of a department, as all assumed his job was safe. All around me ignored what I had said, yet I discovered a year later he was sadly as let go with a couple of weeks notice. It was a friend present when I said what I did that wrote to me and told me my prediction unfortunately came true. Yes, they were all skeptical, but it didn’t bother me as I am only the messenger; others choose to do what they wish with what I am shown and told to relay. As a result people around me do trust what I say or what I don’t say, but I don’t go around advising all and sundry, only certain things are shown to me, so it’s not like on demand television and those who claim to be able to do so, be wary of.

Keep an open mind and question what doesn’t seem logical or right. In the case of the announcement of a spiritual master, that’s like someone announcing they were Jesus in a previous life. If Jesus were to incarnate again, I doubt very much he would publicly announce it on the internet. As for Mediums who say they have high level spirit guides that have never incarnated, I would be skeptical of because all spirits have the ability to incarnate, because to guide and to teach you need to have experienced things first hand, just as Jesus did. Would you trust someone to teach you something if they had never tried it themselves?

© 2015. S.T. Alvyn. All Rights Reserved.

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