What do you call yourself – Spiritually Sensitive?

The first time I had heard someone use the term sensitive I was a bit confused; I was having a private psychic reading and she took my hand and the first thing she exclaimed was that I was so sensitive. Initially I thought ‘Oh no, another one who thinks they are psychic,’ as I am not a sensitive person in terms of being emotional or subtle. What she meant was that I was intuitively sensitive to Spirit, vibrations, and other realms.

People call themselves; Psychic Mediums, Spiritual Mediums, Psychics, Angel readers, Spiritual Psychics, Clairvoyants, Witches, Sorcerers, Channelers, or Lightworkers, but really it’s all about interpreting and using information sent via messages from other dimensions. I guess people call themselves whatever they feel what they are aligned towards, and how they wish to be perceived, as most people have a combination of skills whether they are active or dormant. I have a friend who has set up his own spiritual practice and initially he called himself a voodoo priest. I noticed he has changed it to spiritual consultant maybe because voodoo priest sounds a little scary. Some use more attractive terms like mystic because it sounds less serious, but is the name more for advertising purposes?

I prefer the term Sensitives, because it indicates that a person is sensitive to Spirit whichever way they choose to use their gifts. Some people use Spirit Guides; others say they channel through them, but channeling is like being a news reporter rather than an interpreter. I have met people who don’t use divination tools like cards or runes; they aren’t always needed, but can help the Sensitive focus on what is necessary. It doesn’t mean someone is less skilled; personally I use them to hone in on what the focus should be rather than what is desired. I’ve met some Sensitives who say they never use cards or tools as if to say they don’t need them, well I don’t, but I like to use them for reaffirmation. That’s because I am a skeptic and I have to hear and see the same message from different sources to believe. Yes, a skeptical Sensitive! You can have doubts as to whether what you see is your vivid imagination or wishful thinking, but when the same message appears and eventually does come to fruition, that’s when the skepticism can turn into faith, slowly.

People always assume psychics and mediums are the same, but some psychics are mediums too. There are those who are only psychic and those who are only mediums. A psychic has the ability to hear and see messages from spirit guides that can lead to clairvoyance; they may also hear spirits that wish to convey messages to others. That is what a medium does primarily; communicate with spirits that have transitioned, so a medium may or may not channel spirit guides, but most will, it’s whether they choose to. Most have the abilities or could develop them to do both, but some opt not to or they may have limited access to frequencies.

People ask me what I am; some people call me a witch (a good one naturally), others call me a psychic, and others sense I have a Third Eye and have spiritual abilities. I call myself Spiritually Sensitive, because that’s what I am. I have various abilities but I don’t use all of them, or if I do it’s when I choose to. Don’t be fooled by a title, it’s like an office where everyone has manager in their title, where it gives them some status to the external world. I’m always dubious when I see the words, celebrity, star, acclaimed, or world-renowned tagged to a name and title because all that does in my humble opinion it cheapens the gift of being spiritually sensitive. Like all abilities and talents, they should be treated with respect and gratitude and not abused.

© 2015. S.T. Alvyn. All Rights Reserved.

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