The pros and cons of being a Lightworker

I recently watched an old episode of Charmed, and while it is amusing there are some elements that do ring true. When Paige tries to fight against her Whitelighter powers and helps her first charge, I could relate to both of their situations, her wanting to enjoy her life and her charge who wanted to deny his gifts. To some being a Lightworker may be a calling they embrace, many reject the calling though and there are good reasons why. As Paige says she is a twenty something who wants to enjoy life, and being on the physical plane it’s hard to remain and watch others enjoy themselves while you have always do the right thing. We all make mistakes though, but we all need a break too.

What I find being a Lightworker (and I am one who tried to reject this calling many times) is that charges find you. It can be hard to ascertain whether people cross your path as a Soul Connection or as a charge, because you feel tied to them somehow. Figuring that part out can help you, because you can release a charge if things compromise your growth, whereas a Soul Connection you can’t. You can lessen the intensity, but not the bond.

Paige says she was afraid of failing, and I have too felt at times I have failed. We all like happy endings, but the reality is there isn’t always one. When one of mine failed to heed my advice and guidance I wanted to stop; I thought I was doing a bad job and thought what was the point. I learned that we can only do so much and the rest is up to the charge; they must choose which path to follow. A year later, this charge had turned their life around and we talked and they agreed they were in such a bad place, nothing could have helped and they had to fall to learn. Sometimes being a Lightworker is being there to pick up the pieces, rather than to prevent them and just listen or to support.

Through Lightworking I have seen good and bad in humanity. I have felt the pain and suffering of others that they hide. You want to reach out and tell them directly, but it is hidden for a reason. They must confront their demons when they are ready. I have learned patience in this vocation, because it can takes years and even decades before some are ready to face their challenges. As a Lightworker, you can stay on the sidelines ready to be there when needed. That can explain why some people are randomly in your life and when your task is accomplished, then that bond will fade away.

Balancing your physical life with that of a Lightworker is a constant challenge. Sometimes you want to hide because you don’t want any more charges and you want to live; yet somehow they will cross your path. Depending on your Sensitivity, this means earthbound spirits can also become your charges. You may find that they are drawn to you and you help mentor them and assist in crossing them over when they are ready and if they are. Unlike Ghost Whisperer and what other Mediums say, if it was that easy to cross an earth bound spirit over then surely more people would do it. In my own experience an earthbound spirit is a confused one and if they knew how to cross over they would have done so. A Lightworker can help them understand what has happened, but like all relationships it requires trust, why should a spirit trust you when they don’t know where they are going? There needs to be communication, both ways, and once a guide from the Spirit Realm is waiting for them, then they are able to cross over. This is also a draining task as opening and closing portals as well as communicating on different frequencies requires concentration. Be wary of those who claim to cross over several spirits a day, because although it could happen, it would be rare. Each spirit requires their own portal and as a responsible Lightworker, one should ensure they are safely through before closing it.

Is it possible to juggle both as in the television shows? Many people have to unless they choose a spiritual career as a healer or a related profession. It can make things more coherent, but the moral question arises, should a Lightworker profit from helping others? That I cannot answer because there are some who feel they are providing a service and should be remunerated, and others who heal and help because it is their calling and is a gift. I find a balance is the best answer, either a donation or an amount that allows the Lightworker to financially exist. Perhaps being a Lightworker provides the impetus to change your life, and encourages or sends you on a different path?

At times Lightworking can take over your life and your own life has to put on hold. This has happened to me a few times, and occasionally your life may be in synch with that of a charge. You will go through what they are experiencing and until they opt to change things you may get stuck. This may sound unfair, but if you have accepted the task to be their charge, you must be able to understand what they are going through to help them. That’s why many Lightworkers are Old Souls, as they will have experienced most scenarios already, but there are an infinite number and even Old Souls may feel stuck at times. It can be a dilemma whether to release the charge or to wait things out.

There are some guidebooks and websites to guide Lightworkers, but many are selling services and books. As this is a vocation that doesn’t pay financially I find this puzzling as some people may feel they are a Lightworker and be misguided. I do believe Lightworkers will always be guided in their own way, in particular by their Higher Self and no website or book can surpass that. A forum to discuss things is a much better idea, and there are some and even social media groups. Some are useful and others do carry some negativity. One thing I have learned is negativity exists in spiritual circles and people; we all have our moments and cannot be 100% positive all the time.

Lightworking can help the Soul grow as well as helping Souls in need. There is a fine line between dedicating your life to Lightworking and balancing it with the Soul’s own goals. That is often the greatest challenge Lightworkers face and only they can decide which path to follow and how. At times that calling may be so intense (the ringing, the signs, and the people that remain in your life) that you have no choice but to embrace it. You still do have a choice, but the calling will always be there. Do you want to answer it, take the call, or let them leave a message?

© 2015. S.T. Alvyn. All Rights Reserved.

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