When you can’t see or hear the answers

This is the time when some of us begin to doubt or lose faith; when we ask for help or an answer and there is nothing. What do you do? I, like most of you have been there; sometimes it’s an answer you don’t like or didn’t expect. You try asking again, hoping for a different answer, but nothing comes.

It’s a hard lesson and one that we do eventually learn, that we are usually not given the answer or help, because either it’s not in our best interests and can do more harm, or we have the answer but cannot see or hear it. I’ve heard that and told people the same, yet it doesn’t help though it explains possible theories. Guidance and answers are rarely direct or straightforward and can arrive as riddles or conundrums; not what you need or want when you are confused. However, you get what you need, not what you want and is better than nothing, though the puzzle can leave you even more confused than before.

One can try asking constantly, but I had to learn to accept that if an answer is not shown, there is a good reason. That does take some trust and faith, which comes in time. It’s hard when you want and need guidance and nothing comes and you feel abandoned and lost.

I once asked why I must still exist here and through a dark disorientating period I was shown a brief glimpse. Did it help me or was it the answer I expected? Well, it gave me some understanding, as for helping me if explained a few things, but would I have ever have been shown the message if I had not been so low? I doubt it as I can never share what I now know, but at times my purpose feels like a burden, which is why we are not shown certain things. Having the answer and knowledge can bring consequences with it.

I have met others that ask for things, yet they are not willing to do their part. In order to receive, one must give by accepting or understanding something. If an answer doesn’t come to you, consider it a sign or message that you do not need to know. Perhaps the wrong question is being asked? Maybe you have the answer, but you ignore it because you can’t accept it. This happens frequently in relationships, but by understanding Soul relationships can be transient on the physical plane can help to alleviate any pain. Constantly asking the same question over and over again doesn’t help either; it means that you’re not listening or Spirit has decided not to give any information in this case. I find this the case when people ask about past lives; quite simply if Karma is to be repaid it will be done and afterwards the answer may arrive to give closure.

Getting angry at a reader (one person I read about called one a fraud for not telling her the full message) or frustrated at Spirit won’t help. All is does is create negative blocks, so if there is any message you will struggle to see or hear it. A reader may have information so it can guide the sitter, but may choose not to tell them exactly what it is because they know it may affect their path and free will. While we all like guidance, lessons must be learned without too much intervention, otherwise they are not lessons at all. It’s like sitting an exam or test and putting you hand up for the answers when you get stuck. A teacher can give you a clue, but not the answer. That’s what a good reader will do.

It took me a while to understand this and it was through another Sensitive who read for me. I could tell by the look on her face the answer was one that I didn’t need to know. Sometimes while we seek to understand and want an explanation or answers, (since I do read for people) I can see why a reader cannot tell a person everything; they have to be in the right place to hear the message and understand, or they are still on their path and the information may influence their free will. Even though the Sensitive told me not to question or look at the past life I asked about (which was a blockage), I already knew the answer as I had been able to channel into her frequency. It wouldn’t have helped me, but I was shown as I had doubts of the authenticity of my visions. They gave me confirmation of the name of my previous life in the hope I would find the correct path and trust them.

We aren’t entitled to answers or explanations; they can help, but also not knowing can help Soul evolvement. In time you will trust what you hear and see and when you don’t, know it’s a sign to perhaps alter your path or to release any negativity that maybe holding you back from what is in front of you. Spirit can always hear, but that doesn’t mean they will give you the answer you desire or seek; maybe you aren’t ready to hear the truth or the answer is already in front of you.

© 2015. S.T. Alvyn. All Rights Reserved.

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