Spiritualism and Depression

Contrary to belief, following a spiritual path is no bed of roses. Along that path one may find darkness and loneliness for periods of time and experience depression. I am finding more people are coming to me and discussing depression when they are on a spiritual path, which they did not expect.

I do think this is the fault of self-help books and sites that only discuss the light and the positive aspects of spiritualism, because they will always be some dark moments. They do pass and they make you stronger, but there is no quick fix or a single way to counter the depression. Each of us must find our own way and while you are not alone, you may feel alone. Sometimes we seek companionship to heal this, for some it may help and others it may hold them back.

Depression is a human trait, one that does occur for different reasons at any given time. Part of the spiritual path is to overcome and ‘survive’ these periods and it is hard. People may give you well meaning advice and tell you to meditate and read this or that, but the answers and solutions lie within yourself and will take time. When you are ready to hear, the answer will appear.

Take time to be kind to yourself; read a book for pleasure, watch a cartoon or movie that makes you feel good about yourself, eat your favorite food without feeling guilty and make a playlist of feel good songs. They are not a cure, but remind you that you are important and when you feel good about yourself, you can see, feel and hear the answers you seek.

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One thought on “Spiritualism and Depression

  1. Absolutely perfect advice.

    I went through a long round of depression that I also refer to as my own personal “void” because I was stripped of any/all desire to create or do anything (and leaning on my intuition to know “what to create/do next” was something I used my whole life until I hit the void).

    It was a time when I sort of went blind and deaf in relation to how I had normally lived and had to figure out how to muddle through life anyway.

    Your advice is spot on. I couldn’t have stated it better.

    Somedays I read spiritual books, somedays I meditated with crystals… but it seems like I also just did a LOT of lazy human things like sleeping too much, reading fantasy fiction, watching TV, etc.

    There was no forcing the process to go faster, it evolved as it was supposed to. ❤

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