Bad thoughts and low vibrations

I read that gossiping and having bad negative thoughts about others lowers your vibrations, thus reduces your powers. That’s why many spiritual centers do not tolerate gossiping (seeing it as a sin) and in order to raise your vibrations to the highest level you must always have good and positive thoughts.

The problem I have with this concept is that it is not human. To be human is to be flawed and from those flaws we learn. While we can aim to have as few negative thoughts as possible, to never have any would be humanly impossible. Even a split second of a bad thought can cross our minds and then we get over it. That’s being human.

Gossiping is when one talks of others in a derogatory manner which is false, if it’s true then that’s called speaking the truth. It’s not politically correct to discuss others, but if that was the case, many tabloids and websites would go out of business and quite frankly even spiritual writers need these sites to discuss and promote their work. While one considers it a low vibration, anything negative is, but to be human is to learn how to balance the negative with the positive.

I believe our vibrations fluctuate throughout the day, according to how we feel and who and what is around us. That includes reading unpleasant emails or nasty social media posts, so avoiding those is as important as not talking ill of someone. We can only strive to be the best we can. I read that someone was advised to break off friendships with those who had lower vibrations, in order to raise theirs. I would only recommend that if the friendship was at an end or was becoming destructive. To stop being a friend with anyone that does gossip or likes to read tabloids is a bit too far, because it is possible you are friends with them to help them raise their vibrations.

Balance is the key, when you have a bad thought let it pass, but don’t beat yourself up and if someone wants to gossip, you can listen and explain it’s not very charitable, even if it’s accurate. We all make mistakes and shouldn’t judge others, perhaps empathize and that sends out a higher vibration.

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One thought on “Bad thoughts and low vibrations

  1. I like Wayne Dyer’s wisdom of progress over perfection.

    While I do agree that a certain level of venting/sharing with each other is necessary for a healthy human, and that nothing bonds two people together like a common grievance, I also feel that for people who are on the path of self improvement (enlightenment) that gossiping about others eventually loses its appeal and thus those people stop doing it.

    Everyone’s path is different and perfect for them. I have friends and coworkers who love to chat about celebrities, neighbors, or other coworkers. I don’t judge them as “lesser” for doing that, they are just on a different path. 🙂


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