Spiritually displaced

Do psychics and readers have off days or get displaced? It does happen, I know a few who have told me that they didn’t do any readings for a year or didn’t feel that they were in a place to heal others. I haven’t done any readings for a few months, sometimes our humanity takes over and we need to focus on our lives here and our own lessons.

Relying on spirituality for everything is not the answer, it teaches us indirectly faith and courage to look beyond what we can see physically and the possibilities that are in front of us. There is always a different way and outlook, but many of us are too busy to look or scared to see something we may not like. I like to step outside the boundaries and look from another angle, some say you are disconnected and to be spiritual you must be connected. I say being displaced can give you a clearer vision because you see things how they are and how they could be.

This doesn’t mean we have switched off spiritually, but we may have other things we need to address. Forcing your spiritual side doesn’t work, there are days I can read and days when it is harder to focus. It also depends on the person, but readings are only given to help people who need it, not to make life easy for them. Many people look for the quick option and that always ends up being a longer journey in the end.

Every now and then we can get displaced, for an hour, day, week or months. It’s like writing a new chapter in a book, you know what has happened, but you need to take a different direction, but retain the same core principles and storyline. Maybe we needed that shift to see or understand something? You don’t lose your spirituality or way, but often we need to be displaced to find better ways to see and do things.

Copyright © 2014 S.T. Alvyn. All Rights Reserved

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