Moody Moons

The last of the Supermoons has passed and it has been unsettling to say the least. Moons, whether they be full or new indicate changes whether we like them or not. It can alter our moods, sleep patterns and our overall behavior. By no means should it be an excuse, but a reason as to why we may act differently when a Supermoon appears.

Some of us struggle to sleep or have vivid dreams or visions; they show us what we need to address and what we have been putting off. I had several nights and mornings of no sleep and visions that were intense and abstract. Only now am I able to get some undisturbed sleep, but they have given me much to think about and what direction I need to follow.

The moons can make us melancholy and cause us to think about things we haven’t had time for or wanted to avoid. Anxiety and depression can appear out of the blue, it may pass quickly or it may linger until you find the cause. Those who are sensitive to the moon phases may only recover, as another one is about to appear and it’s hard to manage.

Those who are not affected may not understand and write things off, but one does not choose to be affected, nor can they control what happens. All one can do is prepare and be ready. Some moons are a blessing, paving a new path and others bring with them a heaviness that we eagerly wish for them to quickly pass by.

Moons are part of nature, a cycle of life that reminds us that we have to face certain things and that we are subject to the Laws of Nature.

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