The gift of Foresight—the consequences

Recently a spate of my predictions has come to fruition, some good and some not so good. From relationship break-ups, location changes to people seeing things how they actually are. Many of these, I told those concerned last year and some decades ago. At the time, I can only tell people what I see or feel and what I am being told. Often it is greeted with dismay or hostility, as it is not what people want to hear or reluctance when people try to defy the path they have chosen themselves. They have just forgotten and need reminding. Most of the time, I make suggestions or hypothetical scenarios when I sense that person cannot see things at all and other times, I just say it as it is!

Watching people taking a wrong turn is hard, one can try to warn them, but if they persist then they will find out themselves the hard way. Do you encourage them and give them hope when you can see it’s not their destiny? I always try to weigh up options and highlight the one that is more appropriate. It’s not for me to say what is wrong, even if I know, because everyone should act to what feels right. If it’s wrong, then they will learn and that is something no one can teach, it’s a lesson only one can accept themselves when they are ready.

What are the consequences? Very often I do not know the outcomes until later, if at all. Some are able to come to me and say, “You were right,” or I find out through others. Perhaps they think I will judge or say, “I told you so,” or be embarrassed for not listening to me in the first place. Neither applies, as whatever advice I give is to help guide and prevent further pain and obstacles and they choose to take that advice or not. I am a great believer that we choose our paths and realize where we are when we are ready, so often I choose to leave things to Fate, knowing that either the person will have a eureka moment or that Fate will decide to make its presence known. Even if they do neot heed my words, other forces will convey the message they need to know.

I don’t linger too much these days on whether people choose to action or listen to my words, but when if I do find out things occurred as predicted, I know I did all that I could back then. Naturally I am sad when it results in a relationship break-up or where changes are enforced, because pain could have been limited. Some of these people, who were friends distance themselves from me. Perhaps they feel uncomfortable in that I knew and told them what they should have known and seen?

There are the outcomes I may never know if they came to light, but that’s okay because it’s not my path. It was only my job to inform. There is no time limit, as each destiny will unfold eventually. It’s not all doom and gloom, I see the positive too when people have a possible future, but often these people are the ones who are in despair and negativity has overtaken them. Convincing them otherwise is a challenge, as many do not believe me. Eventually they will, but I may not be in their lives to see it. It used to matter, but now I have come to realize the outcome is not for me, but for them.

I do get some satisfaction when I am told that things happened as I anticipated, because hopefully when events were unfolding, they remembered my words and it helped guide them towards the correct path. It makes it worth having the courage to say things that others may choose not to and knowing you may have helped. It’s like a job you begin, but never knowing if things went accordingly or get to see the finish. This is something I am getting used to and that not all jobs can be finished. At times I am left wondering what happened, but then new information takes over those meandering thoughts as my work continues…

Copyright © 2014 S.T. Alvyn. All Rights Reserved

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