Souls unable to R.I.P. @meredithkercher

Meredith Kercher as I remember her, excited to go out and explore the world. Please sign a petition to help find justice.

Sometimes the soul cannot be at peace and move on to the next stage, especially if they were murdered or justice had not been served. Not only do they remain stuck and blocked, but their ability to communicate with psychics and other realms is limited and is more difficult to interpret as they continue to suffer and remain in a confused and frightened state. There are several theories why spirits cannot rest;

  • They do not know they have died and are confused.
  • They have unfinished business and cannot be at peace until it is achieved.
  • They were too traumatized and confused when they needed to pass over, if they met an untimely death.

Some spirits lie in wait for centuries without justice or someone to guide them because they cannot hear, but we cannot force or push them. All one can do is show them the way and guide them. For some they need to trust you before they will listen to you, just as it is here on the physical plane. It is hard enough to convince someone of something face-to-face let alone when you can only sense them when they want to make their presence known. It is no easy task or one to be taken flippantly. Nor can it just happen, unless a guide comes to collect them, but often spirits do not understand the role of the guide. In some ways we act like the interpreter between the physical and spiritual realms, facilitating the transition.

Before I was awakened, I used to run promotions and events. It was summer, 10 years ago in Covent Garden, I was running an event on a glorious Saturday and lots of girls let me down and called in with a hangover. Somehow I managed to find a girl who I had worked with that had just got up and I asked her if she had a friend she could bring along. She was staying at her friend Mez’s house and said she would bring her along even though neither had boots (That was the outfit) and told them to wear any black shoes! That was the day I met Meredith Kercher and hired her for the agency I was at and subsequently we worked together on other jobs.

November 1st 2007, I was running an event and read the papers with my coffee, when I saw her name and wondered what she had been up to. She had just left school when I met her and had applied to University. The last time I saw her was at Gatwick Airport and we got on the same train to go for a meet and greet job there.

Since then, two mediums have told me that she has been trying to come through, maybe I have been blocking too much? It didn’t register at first, when they told me a school friend wanted to contact me called Marilyn. As I have never known anyone called Marilyn, it took a while to click, she was still at school when we met and she liked being called Mez, so I never thought about. One may think the psychics were wrong, but the other information was spot on and correct about what I was doing in my life that could not have applied to anyone else in the room and one was a one-to-one session. Also, I know she has been trying to come through, but is struggling. She knows me well enough to trust me, but justice has failed her, but have told her to come through when she is ready. I feel she is scared and is not at peace and cannot rest until justice has been served. I believe this keeps her soul and spirit in limbo and she cannot rest until justice is served.

I hope and have faith that she can rest in peace soon and I will continue to fight for justice in whatever ways I can and wait until she is ready to show me what happened, so I can help get her justice and for her soul to rest. Those responsible for her murder have not been punished for their crimes, until then Mez will watch over and await justice. We must do what we can to help her and know she can see all we are doing.

For those who never met her, she was gentle, innocent in some ways, enthusiastic, friendly and never said anything bad about anyone unwarranted. She worked hard and was excited to go out and experience the world when I knew her. Maybe there was another reason why I met her after all…

Requiescat In Pace, Meredith Kercher, 1 November 2007.

Please consider signing a petition that can pave the way for justice. Thank you.


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