Being psychic does not make you a Witch!

People, especially those that like to test psychic ability don’t really have a clue what they are testing for. Not all psychics have magickal gifts and there are some who practice magic who have no psychic ability. Many natural witches do have some psychic ability, but many psychics or mediums do not practice magic. Tests for psychic ability often use a computer-generated system to predict the next shape or object on the screen, which isn’t really predicting the future. Messages from spirit tell us possible scenarios, but computers don’t have a soul or spirit. We can use intuition, but we cannot predict what a computer is thinking or what it will do! If people understood this, they would realize psychic ability cannot be measured like an exam.

Witches, like myself, more of the Hedge variety rather than Wicca, usually have the gift of foresight, so they have contact with the other realms, but unlike mediums are not a channel, rather they have the ability to channel, but can be used as a channel.

What is the difference? Mediums and psychics report they get messages as spirits are attracted to them and use them as a vessel to convey messages. They can see and hear spirits in the other realms and are like an operator and translator to connect the call and interpret the message. Spirits may be called, but not all will respond.

A Witch has access to the other realms, some can only hear, see or feel and some a combination of them. There are different connection strengths; some people may have a stronger connection or at times a weaker one. Witches can use their gifts of manifestation (thoughts of intent) to call particular spirits for specific reasons. It is then up to the spirit to answer that call if they choose to. Yes, lost spirits sense they can see or feel their presence and can communicate with them, so witches can act as psychics. Psychics may call spirits too, but rather than using intent they channel through their guides who interpret or act as a gatekeeper. Witches can use guides, but also have their own protection shields as not all guides may feel contacting certain spirits is in anyone’s interests and will prevent the communication.

Channeling means the ability to hear messages from the other realms. Some psychics hear messages from angels or from spirits that have a message to convey and some witches have the same ability, although many choose not to use their abilities. You may ask why people ignore messages, often they are jumbled images and random phrases or names that make no sense. That’s why some psychics have their guides to help interpret the messages, those who have not connected with their guides may struggle which is why many messages go unheard.

Witches have the ability to manipulate events with spells and rituals or with intent. Magick can be used for good or bad, either way it perverts the natural course of events whether the action was unintentional or deliberate. That is why many Witches prefer solitude to avoid situations if their powers are strong.

Those with gifts must choose wisely how to use them. Using intuition is not psychic or magick, we all have it, but psychics tend to have stronger intuition having learned to interpret messages and signs from spirit. Understanding what is being said and learning to trust what you feel come with practice over time. I can tell if someone is in danger, making a poor relationship choice or where they are on their path as this information is available (not always to be shared) but we cannot read minds, but we can channel the Higher Self, which is a soul’s subconscious and know what someone really thinks and feels, even if they cannot admit it to themselves. Tapping into a computer? I think that is called hacking and do or can computers think? We can only predict what has been destined, not what is randomly chosen by a program.

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