The challenges of working with a Spiritual Mentor

Figuring out what your spirit guides are trying to tell you is hard enough, but when they are helping you to write a novel, sometimes the ideas clash. Writing with a spirit guide who is from the last century has its own challenges, adapting his style and trying to be more contemporary while maintaining the integrity of the ideas and plot. Spirit guides have their own personalities, it is hard enough on the material plane to decide who you want as friends and to figure them out, let alone a force you cannot control when they want to communicate with you or when they choose to appear to you.

It took a while to adjust to one of my guides, but his information was so direct and so condensed, even now I am only just realizing why I was sent to various locations and why he showed me certain images. How does is work? Well, I get ideas and thoughts or I am compelled to read something or a program with the theme comes on the screen (I was awoken at 4.30 a.m. once for this) and my original plot and storyline adapts and works around the ideas that have been presented to me. Currently I am editing it all and I can see clearly where he has had more of an influence and others that have read it can tell the difference. To maintain the integrity and readability I have adapted the language to this century, keeping in certain parts that are written as such for a reason.

At first I must admit I was a little irritated by my spirit mentor as I rarely got any sleep and he displayed a great deal of urgency and impatience. As the latter is an attribute I already possess, it was strange to have a different type of impatience hovering over me, where I had little control over the emotion. It resulted in his appearance in my dreams with a direct request for me to proceed with the book and research.

Ironically, I still had not even thought about who he was (to me names don’t matter), nor did it matter until it clicked after being shown various articles and being sent to locations that were important to him once and why certain themes were in the novel, that I had not even considered became important. I even walked past his statue for eight months and down a street named after him and never realized the connection. I wasn’t looking, yet the signs were there. He sent me down a side street and I didn’t understand why; there was nothing there except a cemetery and houses.

Later I ended up renting a room next to that street for a week. Now, 18-months later, I found out his mother and sisters were buried in the cemetery (buried under his mothers maiden name) and perhaps he wanted to walk down and see them. I never realized why as I walked up and down that street numerous times trying to figure out why. I am glad finally I have, but at the time people must have thought I was a mad girl walking up and down a street in winter and summer looking around and trying to feel and see a sign. Ironically from my rented room, I had a view of the cemetery and felt compelled to take photos during winter, as it looked so tranquil and peaceful, others thought it a little morbid. Whether or not I took photos of the actual tomb I do not know, but it was as if it was right to do so. Yes, I feel a little foolish not figuring it out sooner and seeing the signs right in front of me, but sometimes the messages take a while to interpret.

Hopefully I am getting better and history won’t repeat itself, but that is another tale for later…

Copyright © 2014 S.T. Alvyn. All Rights Reserved.

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