Going ‘Home’

The topic ofGoing Home’ is amongst the great debates on Spiritual and Religious Forums. Besides Heaven, others may call it returning to  Source or the Divine. Ultimately all our souls will return ‘Home’ as the human body can only physically be maintained naturally for a limited period of time, whereas the soul is eternal. Others believe they are from other ‘systems’ and desire to return to their planet. There is no evidence, so one can prove or disprove the theories, however it is logical to assume even if the soul originated from another ‘system’ it would still be subject to the same criteria of soul preparation before incarnation, i.e., a  choice of parents/soul groups/lessons to learn from.

The increased yearning of the need to return home before time stems from disillusionment and difficult and painful incarnations that reflect the modern society of globalization, materialism and a need for one-upmanship. It belies the nature of lesson learning, even though lessons are not supposed to be easy, nor are they to be a constant endurance test or  painstaking any longer than necessary.

‘Home’ is a base to feel safe, secure, comfortable and where you can be yourself, not just a building but an environment. Those fortunate enough to have found their ‘home’ can grow and live in harmony, many of us are still seeking where we feel we need to be and want to be.

One day my path will lead me ‘home’ and I trust I will find it one day!

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2 thoughts on “Going ‘Home’

  1. I hear this comment a lot on the ascension (internet) group I belong to. People often lament how they “want to go home.”

    I understand the base of this feeling, when this life feels lonely and alien there is a natural longing for removal of this pain, but it frustrating to have to listen to every week.

    Our experience unfolds based on our perception of it. If a person spends all their time complaining about being in prison by being on Earth, that is the experience they call forth (and they miss seeing all the magic and wonder that is around them).

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    • I feel many struggle due to disillusionment and begin unable to balance the two realms. It is a struggle many of us encounter, yet although we may yearn to go ‘home’ it will happen when we have completed what we need to do. I think it shows how the physical world and materialism dominates society to such an extent.

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