Acting or Reacting

In life we have a choice to act positively, by taking control of our emotions or accepting the consequences of our actions or reacting negatively, by responding to other people’s actions. Unfortunately, it’s not that easy, but being aware and conscious as to why we respond as we do can help us in resolving any negative tendencies and to convert them into positive ones.

Often guilt or fear pushes us into actions that we would not necessarily choose, by reacting we are allowing negativity to take control. Sometimes it’s a reflex action, but by accepting what has happened and looking at what you can do rather than wanting things out of your control to happen, you can achieve more and are acting from a positive choice.

Take a step back, look at whether you are acting or reacting. If you are reacting and it’s making you anxious and feeling out of control, look at ways how you can consciously act. For example a friend lets you down, saying they can’t meet you for a drink to talk because they are ill, then you find they lied and went to a party instead. A natural reaction is to feel betrayed and angry. Many would react with harsh words and refuse to see or speak to them again; it would affect mutual friendships and where you choose to socialize. Here you are responding to someone’s negative actions and allowing them to control you, how you feel and how you behave. By turning the situation around, see that their actions were questionable and you did nothing wrong. You act and decide whether to forgive them and continue the friendship or to let it go. Know that they would be responsible for the loss of friendship if you chose that path and not you. If you chose to forgive, you have taken control by not allowing your emotions to control you.

Sometimes our emotions do control us and it affects our judgment and our decisions, but by controlling our emotions we are able to actively make positive choices, rather than allowing them to control us by reacting to negative choices that can be destructive.

Copyright © 2014 S.T.Alvyn All Rights Reserved

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