Breaking Bonds and Cutting Cords

How often have we heard the phrase ‘Cut the cord’ to free yourself from something that holds you back or has a negative impact in your life? Given that a soul connection is eternal how can bonds or cords be cut and what is the difference? Someone posed a theory that cords cannot be cut, however, the skeptic I am has experienced this so it does work, but only under certain circumstances and with specific criteria.

Soul connections remain eternally, but you can break a karmic bond between the soul’s particular goals. For example, two siblings incarnate together, but one murdered the other in a past life as a punishment. Their souls would be connected to repay the debt and once that karmic debt has been repaid, then that bond (of guilt or atonement) will be lifted, yet the soul connection remains. It may sound simple, but mixed with emotions and unexplained resentments it can take time, in fact an entire incarnation! Breaking a karmic bond requires you to understand what needs to be repaid, you don’t necessarily need to relive a past life to find it, but from your soul goals you will know what lesson is being learnt. In the above case, the sibling needed to learn to be less hasty in making decisions that affects other lives, not to judge, learn forgiveness and to be generous. By exercising this with the sibling, gradually that bond will weaken and be lifted. This can take decades, but this has often been part of the soul lesson as well as repaying karmic debt.

Cutting cords is another matter. We must make a conscious decision to do this. I have been faced with this dilemma several times and given the options; one I chose to do and another I didn’t and was advised not to, because I felt the person who had a negative hold over me still had hope. Cutting the emotional cords or etheric cords is not to be done on a whim or taken lightly. Usually these attachments are emotionally based and can have a negative impact on your life path and create blocks, for example relationships based on fear and guilt where you need to let go and move on. I have found these are sometimes tied to your past lives where things were not resolved or there was a wounding that had not been healed properly. For example, when you feel obliged to look after someone despite them lying to you or treating you in a despicable manner and not having any rational explanation for this. Sometimes this may indicate a cord attachment related to karmic debt.

It is essential to have tried to resolve matters first before your guides will allow you to sever a cord. You must also state your reasons why you wish to cut the cord, as the intent is part of the process. Just because you don’t like them or tire of someone is not enough and the cord will not be cut. There must be valid reasons for the cord to be cut, that is, having a negative impact on your path or preventing you from learning your soul goals.

For example, an old lover has an emotional hold over you and you can’t move on, as their path has become stagnant, but yours is progressing steadily. This emotional block prevents you from fulfilling your own soul potential as you choose to either wait for them to catch up or you move on, but can only do so once the cord is cut. By cutting the emotional cord, you free yourself of the emotions that hold you back, however the soul connection will remain. How does that work, you may ask? You will still care and feel for the person, but the bond that was having a negative impact was released. That is not to say you cannot have another relationship, but you may develop a different one. Your essence will remain and your souls connected.

How do you cut the cord? There are several ways depending on the relationship. Using visual imagery of the two bound together with a string of beads is an effective one. When you are ready, you declare why you wish to cut the cord. Then cut the string and watch all the beads fall to the ground. If the string is difficult to cut, it means you are not ready to cut the cord and accept the consequences. It can be distressing cutting and watching as you free each other of a bond.

Another is to imagine you are both in a room together. You state why you must leave and cut the cord. Then you leave the room, walk away, do not look back and then throw the key into the sea, releasing that cord that tied you in the room together. You do not need to lock the door as you are freeing each other of the obligation.

Any cutting of the cords or bonds is highly emotive and mentally draining and healing from your inner self is required. This is done by imaging the end of the cord being sealed inside you or putting a plaster or bandage over it. Once done, you should feel freer and lighter after a few days, but understanding why you need to cut the cord and how your path can be cleared or how your life can change is important. In some ways you are cutting away a part of yourself, which can be traumatic and need to be aware of the emotional consequences.

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7 thoughts on “Breaking Bonds and Cutting Cords

  1. “Someone posed a theory that cords cannot be cut, however, the skeptic I am has experienced this so it does work, but only under certain circumstances and with specific criteria.”

    Thank you for this! I have not had any luck with ‘cord cutting’ methods that I tried. I wanted to use it to turn needy friends into healthy relationships but it didn’t work in the way I thought it should. 😐

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  2. I met a guy going back in 2009 .I have never had a relationship since then . I am under the impression he was married at the time . And has been with other females .I thought we were soul mates but I am doubting that we r Ive stayed pure but he hasn’t
    I think he has a hold on me .please let me break free coz I need happiness and love on my love in my life and to move forward from this spell that has been put on me .I have not been with him on body .


    • It sounds as if it may have been a past life issue and not a ‘spell’ as such. It can be hard to break free emotionally, and recommend writing him a letter saying exactly how you feel, and then burn it over a white candle. This shows that you wish to break that bond and why. Your Higher Self and his will do the rest.


      • I don’t feel I can do this at the moment what I will do is write down the things I feel because I will have to base it on past present and what the future holds if my life hasn’t changed in time I will have to do this so I can find love because I have done enough suffering.


      • It will take time, but you need to put the past behind. As for the future, that is unknown. You should delete all things from him, texts, emails, numbers etc,. otherwise you will not break that bond.


      • I don’t have his number email or no contact information of him. Its mostly what I was told from a reading. And I think a friend has given him songs that I like and information about me passed on.


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