Believing in the Bigger Picture

With so much backstabbing in a world that thrives and accepts misleading truths as a norm it is a wonder anyone knows what the truth is anymore. Reports and figures are fudged, documents enhanced and elaborated and white lies become justifiable in a persons conscience.

‘If someone bullies you or is rude to you, then you do the same back don’t you?’ someone asked me. I replied ‘No,’ because you stoop to their level with counter bullying or rudeness. Just because someone has wronged you, the urge to get revenge or justice can appear justified, but to manipulate a situation renders you no better than them. If nature happens to serve them justice then so be it.

Trusting and believing the Universe will right any wrongs is a big step of faith, they will learn their lessons at some point, perhaps not in your incarnation, but take it from someone who knows and has experienced it, it does happen.

I have been wronged many times already in this incarnation and have fought back and found justice although with increased stress levels. It consumes a lot of  time and energy so those without legal implications, I leave to Karma. Those who falsely accuse to cover their tracks or deliberately mislead others to appease their egos, will in time find roles reversed.

Having faith in being the bigger person and believing in the bigger picture may sound clichéd, but I have learned too much excess energy is used if you become obsessed with retaliating and the perpetrator will still not have learned their lesson. As long as I know in my heart I have acted with integrity then I already am the bigger person, it doesn’t matter that others may think me weak, that I have backed down or the perpetrator thinking they are better than me because it’s not worth using up my positive energy. That energy will ensure events will balance out in due course. It’s not only choosing the right battles, but how you see them, not as battles but others mistakes which they will atone for and you have the grace and strength to allow the Universe to decide how that is done.

Copyright © 2014 S.T.Alvyn All Rights Reserved

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