Life review preview

I have been wondering why an influx of 60+  folks have been crossing my path recently and finally the penny has dropped or I have a theory at least! Recently I have started to see glimpses of my life review and others too. I didn’t really understand why and this is a theory in progress so bear with me, but maybe it’s to highlight and help overcome some of the obstacles that prevent us from achieving our soul goals. I have seen some of mine already and even though I know what I need to do, the actual doing is harder to put into practice. It ties in with my reading of souls, I can see the soul age and progress and why that soul needs to learn certain lessons. Before I had no clue why I could see and read souls (different from auras and personalities).

My theorem based on Pythagoras’ calculations is that we have inbuilt periods where our soul lessons can be achieved during the four peaks between 25-61 years old where signs become more apparent and the path is cleared. So what happens after those peaks have been and gone and the soul still hasn’t learnt what it had set out to do? I asked myself that and realize that these mainly infant and young souls still have a chance if they could preview of their life review and have the opportunity to do something about it now. The only thing is they missed all the signs back then or didn’t want to see them, oblivious to what they needed to do then, so why now and how? Their guides want a direct approach by giving them a preview of their review via myself to help them so they can achieve what they set out to do.

Physical age has little to do with this, I have seen and spoken to people in their late 60s and 70s who behave and talk like five-year olds. One of my lessons is patience and tolerance and believe me it has been tested. My job (amongst many) is to help them see the lessons they need to address and confront them giving them examples from their life so far (a life review preview). Its not easy or a nice job, gaining their trust, learning their inner most feelings and analyzing and recognizing their patterns.

How successful am I (so far)? Well I get the message through amidst strops, sulks and tantrums, but they must choose if they want to accept the truth and do something about it, as that’s what’s going to happen in the life review anyhow! After a while most have told me they have learnt or appear to be have listened; small steps which makes it seem worthwhile though at the time I came up against resistance. I am a person that tells things as they are, which some people find difficult to hear; I don’t lie but occasionally evade topics.

It seems many infant and young souls are struggling to achieve their goals and need an extra hand otherwise they will keep repeating the same lessons over and over. As time is infinite there is no problem with this, but if they repeat too often or learn nothing in an incarnation (young souls tend to have only one or two lessons to learn) they need a reminder and some extra help–think of it as extra tutoring.

Most infant or young souls are highly educated and may have achieved on the physical plane educational goals, but not achieved any of their soul goals hence the need for intervention. Many are arrogant, stubborn and struggle to accept they are wrong or see there are other ways to do things. Some are inconsistent and are narrow-minded unable to see things from others point of view which is why they may have missed signs and ignored or dismissed those who were there to guide or help them.

I only put this together as a pattern of people with different issues but with the same frame of mind and behaviors came into my life. They exhibited similar traits and my relationship with each of them had been more of a mentor even though I am half their age physically but an ancient soul. Hopefully by pinpointing their obstacles I have helped them focus on what they had set out to do for their incarnation. My physical appearance made it difficult to get through to them initially (young souls tend not to be good at listening or seeing things) but eventually they listened. It’s a work in progress. It is a chance to do things now, rather than do it all over again next time around. I can only convey the message–the rest is up to them. Lessons are not learnt due to age, but the acceptance of recognizing and understanding what our soul goals are and a willingness to embrace them.

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