The Myth of the Master numbers

I am skeptical of many things, more so of numerology than astrology as how can people with the same number all have the same traits? I don’t believe that from names you can deduce a person’s destiny or their character. I do however believe we choose our date and time of birth; we see babies born early, late or stillborn or the rare ones like myself born on the day expected. We choose when we are born regardless of nature and it is significant. A true astrological chart can pinpoint periods of your life with transits, but character traits and environmental influences can conflict with the positioning of the planets in the houses and many transits are so fleeting few can take real advantage of them.

I have been doing soul purpose readings based on birthdates as it can indicate the main soul goals that the incarnation planned. In my research, I noted what others believe and think, it is not for me to debunk their beliefs, but from my research I can conclude some things so far. I read everything as a whole, cross-referencing peak and ruling numbers with a reading of the soul, by channeling the Higher Self.  So someone with the same numbers but with a different soul stage will have a different reading and the order of the peak numbers influences the outcome. A number doesn’t automatically confer a set of traits or a destiny; it is a combination of things.

Recently I have been reading people with master numbers (depending on how they calculate things or who they have read) who expect certain things to happen to them or believe they are destined for certain things. From reading other materials I can see why, but my research shows otherwise; with all paths there is an alternative.

  •  Those with alpha omega or master numbers 10,11 or 22 as a ruling number are more spiritually inclined than others. I have found that those with these numbers and peak numbers together struggle with spiritual matters and are in fact in conflict with their spiritual side. A number represents potential it doesn’t mean you are more spiritual than others as some opt for the alternate negative path if they deny the spiritual side or are unaware of it. Thus 10 can become 1, 11 can succumb to the 2 and 22 to 4.
  • Master numbers indicate a greater potential. In my research I have found those with 10 and 11 struggle more and are younger souls who need to embrace and accept their inner spiritual strengths. Some of my readings combined with their soul goals and peak numbers indicate an incarnation of intense and difficult growth. Some choose not to face their challenges and many have work to do on controlling their ego and inner emotions. Those who do embrace it from an early age can grow and build on their potential.
  • Those with master numbers are destined to be healers and leaders. We all have choices, some have that potential but it is not enough to say ‘this is my number and this is what I will be’ as it is not the case. It depends on other factors like achieving balance in your other goals. I see the 10 and 11 as an indication of a new phase either ending or beginning and that transition requires the completion and acceptance of certain goals before moving to the next stage. I have seen this in young souls moving into the mature phase and a few mature souls moving into the old soul stage.

My readings have helped people to recognize their soul purpose and goals and to understand why they had to go through certain challenges. Sometimes reading materials lulls us into a false sense of who we are and we forget to look within ourselves and expect things to happen. We are given the key to a door and have to choose to unlock the door and go through it. Some of us may lose the key, others will unlock the door but hesitate to go through and others may find they have the wrong key or try to open the wrong door. The opportunities and chances arise but we have to make the conscious choice to see and accept them.

Copyright © 2014 S.T.Alvyn All Rights Reserved.

One thought on “The Myth of the Master numbers

  1. I think your research is really valuable. I have found that the master numbers do seem like a myth. Personally knowing a few with what are called master numbers, it may seem like a karmic “pass” of some sort to them, so they don’t engage the spiritual or emotional growth work necessary. What you described seems to be truer in my experience, too…11’s seem more like 2’s, etc. Thank you for this article.


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