Opening and Closing Portals

The portals between the realms are not always visible, sometimes you can see them but most Sensitives can sense or feel them. Now over a decade ago I would have smirked at anyone talking or writing about portals to other dimensions and even writing about it now is strange, but I feel compelled to as too many portals are opened intentionally and unintentionally and many are not closed.

If you observe a psychic or medium most will begin any session with a protection prayer or blessing. Some may recite it out aloud or they will say it in their head. They ask that only the spirits they call upon be allowed to come forward and at the end thank the spirit world and close the portal. After all all they are opening up a channel to communicate, it is like calling someone up and not hanging up afterwards. Many self-help books tell you to do the same but do not tell you the consequences if you don’t, probably because they don’t want to scare you. Not closing a portal is like leaving your front door open for anyone to come in or out! This is why I advise people to be wary when dealing with spiritual matters that they do not fully understand.

Portals can be opened when you do soul retrivals or regressions, calling upon those who have passed over, crossing spirits over, astral projection and guided meditations. The realms exist in another dimension it’s not above or below us, but around us. Some people have a foot in both realms like myself and it can be confusing at times, which is why shielding and grounding is important.

I have seen in workshops especially when people meditate and are asked to go back to a point in their life (regression) or to see people from their past, it can open up portals unintentionally and because the person doesn’t know they have done so does not close it. Imagine a workshop of people doing that and times it by the number of workshops in a year. The energy field becomes a blanket of portals left open and becoming wider like a hole in your sweater that get bigger.

What’s the danger? Some souls that are lost are making their way over wandering back into this realm and become confused (ghosts) and spirits that have not been asked to come forward find a way in. In some ways they are breaking in through a door someone has left open and that door is never shut because they don’t know they have opened a door or have been told they need to close it. Unfortunately many of the spirits slipping through the portals are negative ones hence sometimes you feel negative energies and those negative entities have been given free passage to dwell in this realm due to the doors left open unwittingly.

I was somewhere where such workshops were held and a few of us agreed there were too many portals that were left open. Before I left I had closed as many as I could, but it is draining. I have seen open portals and feel them, unfortunately we cannot control who comes in once opened. Closing them prevents more negative energies slipping through, however convincing them to leave is another job altogether. Yes, I have done that too, but again it is draining and can be dangerous too.

I write this to implore anyone who opens a portal to close it, the protection prayer may sound strange and unnecessary, but is paramount as is the closing prayer especially if you are using a self- help book. Attempting to astral project or going into a deep mediation also opens up a portal and entities can latch on and sneak through. Closing the door to the uninvited reduces the negative energies in the world, so if you must open a door please shut the door afterwards.

*I have written a follow up article with an example of a closing prayer or statement of intent if you need to close a portal. It will take time, and several repetitions.

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9 thoughts on “Opening and Closing Portals

  1. I have apparently been experiencing some major bad karma since i was 5 and throughout my life and currently. I always thought i was paying for wrongs id done as a teen and young adult. But the good i have done over the course of the last several years (i am 41 now) should have more than balanced the scales. I had a reading done this evening a psychic, and shes told me the karma im getting isnt from this life but from my past life. She wasnt able to tell me at this reading what it is i did so wrong in my past life, only that it felt like someone wished all this horrible stuff on me. She said she can close this portal from my past life to this life but at a pretty large cost.
    What can I do, if i can at all, to close this portal? I experience 4-6 nightmares per night ive never been able to understand their meanings and this has been going on for as many years as i can remember.
    Do you have any suggestions?


    • I’m actually writing a book on Karma right now, to explain how it works and what to do. First of all, rebalancing Karma isn’t tit for tat; you can’t count the number of good things you do and think that is pays off that karmic debt. It has to be a subconscious act.

      I would not pay a psychic, as I have said in other articles THEY CANNOT CLOSE PORTALS for you. They can guide you, but most adverse Karma is from a previous life, as any adverse karma accrued in the current incarnation will not immediate, to give the soul the opportunity to see the error of their ways.
      My advice is to see for yourself what the lesson from the karmic action is, and by accepting and learning from it, then that karmic tie will loosen. You can message me here, and I will try and see how I can help you interpret your visions at night, as they are a message, but only you will fully understand their meaning.


  2. Hi I am so glad I came across this. I have opened a door. Not realizing what I was doing. I thought I was talking to my relatives that have passed on and I said y’all can use my voice to communicate. Not realizing what I was doing. Not realizing what I was saying. I did NOT use protection to protect me and now I am experiencing the unbelievable. Spirit coming any time day or night. Using my voice to say things I would never say. I also said they could use my feet/toes and hands to communicate. Since I couldn’t yet figure out how to communicate with them like a psychic does. THAT WAS THE COMPLETELY WRONG THING TO DO. You open yourself up for anyone to come through. Oh boy do I regret doing that. I noticed it seemed like you had a prayer but it was not on here. Could you please send me this prayer or tell me what I can do to get this all to stop!? Please help. I dunno what else to do.


    • Here is the link to the ‘prayer’, however, it appears that you have allowed yourself to be a portal and conduit. What you need to do is take control back and retract your ‘offer’, because it may not have been your relatives, as spirits can be mischievous and trick people. Sadly, it’s not always rose and love and light in the spiritual realm, only oat the higher vibrational levels.

      I feel what you need to do is reverse things, and you will need some white candles, and to word your intents carefully to stop them, and to prevent any other spirits from taking up your ‘offer’. Perhaps if you emailed or messaged me what you said exactly, then I can help reverse it.


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