Spiritual Expectations

At times it can be a curse to have ‘gifts’ or ‘abilities’ because people expect too much. It’s not like on demand television, we can request, but there are no guarantees. Some messages come through, but they may not be the ones you wanted or the spirit you wanted to hear from. One must understand spirit will only come forward when requested and if they wish to come forward. We invite them, but they may choose not to accept the call. It’s like making a collect call, the other side chooses if it wants to take that call. We cannot pick and choose, each spirit has a different way of communicating and interpreting their messages can at times be confusing. Sometimes I get a reading when I am not expecting it and none when I hope for one. As a sensitive, having another clarify a message helps especially if you are blocked or the message is blurred.

Even when I have attended a spiritual church service I see people who attend only to get a free medium reading. One even brought in photos with orbs for others to interpret. Recently I read on a forum, someone had been to a seer and said they removed no blocks for her and wanted another seer to do this for her also claiming a friend had a seer who opened doors for her. Thus this is what she expects with little understanding of the spiritual world. I didn’t reply because it would not be what the person wants to hear, that seers are not obliged to remove blocks just because you paid them money, nor can they. Blocks exist because you are on the wrong path. Expecting someone to make life easy for you and also finding a quick fix way out does the soul a disservice, which is why no one can remove blocks, you have to find a way around them or overcome them. Occasionally a sensitive can heal or help cut a chord, but only with your permission and that of spirit, but even I hesitate to interfere too much especially if the lesson will help the person to grow.

Another friend who I did a reading for wanted good luck and fortune, again I tried to explain my readings are for the soul eternally, not for the next few months if you are going to win the lottery which I know he was hoping for.

Sometimes people ask me things and I cannot tell them because when you have a gift, you have a duty of care to use it correctly. Spiritual help and messages are a gift and not to be assumed or expected, because once you believe you are entitled no messages will come through.

Copyright © 2014 S.T.Alvyn All Rights Reserved

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