Soul Age V Physical Age

As I get older I realize that the soul age prevails above everything else and the physical age is merely a number. Choosing to respond to someone’s soul age or physical age is a difficult choice some of us face who can read or see someone’s soul age. One would say, the elderly deserve respect because they are older, wiser, have had more life experiences and know better. Having been brought up with that philosophy, I now know that isn’t necessarily the case. Physical age becomes irrelevant when you meet infant and young souls. I’m all for letting the senior on the plane, bus or train first but that’s a physical aspect but when they are wrong or acting inappropriately then I will speak up.

I have met some seniors that aren’t wise, don’t know any better and haven’t learnt from their life experiences. In fact many fear growing old and behave and talk like children. For example in a cinema putting your feet up on the seats and leaving rubbish, you would expect from a teenager but not a senior and retired teacher; how should you speak to them? Clearly it’s wrong and they ought to know better, but the young souls are arrogant and only listen to themselves. Should a 30 year old tell a 65 year old off? Not many would but should. How can you have a conversation with them when their soul is younger than yours, but society expects you to respect them because of their physical age?

It’s what I encounter more regularly as an old soul. I admit I am impatient and they test my patience and tolerance levels, (which I have been addressing this entire incarnation!)

Another dilemma arises when the senior acts or says something inappropriate; others may blame breeding, lack of intelligence or my friend’s favorite a stroke. When this comes from someone with a young soul, I am more lenient but correcting them is difficult as they haven’t listened or learnt their entire life so why would they now?

Understanding why they behave as they do helps me, but how can it help them? Well I don’t tolerate such behavior and attempt to tell them gently that what they have done is wrong–it’s hard because I don’t feel its my place, but someone needs to and if they are to remain friends then I have to tell them. What sort of behavior? Tantrums, deliberate fraud they cannot see (even when I tell them it’s illegal) and being dismissive, arrogant and contemptuous to all around them. It’s tiring and I would rather be alone than have to deal with these young souls constantly. These people tend to be parents and grandparents and hardly set a good example. Many of their children do tell them off and result in the children extricating themselves and the parent cannot understand why.

Sometimes I forget when I am talking to an Old Soul child, they are still children though wise and sensible. I enjoy their innocence and their practical and shrewd outlook. I remember how it was for me; people not taking me seriously because I was a child but who was right. In some ways it scarred me, not playing with children or adults resenting the fact a child was right over them. I learnt to keep quiet, not to interfere or intervene and distanced myself from people. In the physical world we are judged by our physical age, but underneath it all the soul age cannot hide behind the numbers. A young soul in an old body behaving inappropriately is no excuse, a reason, but they need to learn.

If people understand that soul age is more important then they will listen to Old Souls in a young body and educate young souls in older bodies. Physical age is but a costume–one that deceives and conditions us to a set of behaviors that do not help soul growth unless we see behind the mask.

Copyright © 2014 S.T.Alvyn. All Rights Reserved.

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