More lessons from Master Yoda

Inspired by May 4th, Star Wars day, more of Master Yoda’s philosophies came to light that we can apply to our own every day lives.

‘The dark side clouds everything, impossible to see the future.’

Some things are hidden from us when we get blocked; the dark side of doubt clouds us or we just can’t see it with distractions around us. While the light is strong, so is the dark. I sense when people are blocked and when I get blocked myself and it’s hard to shake off. Inner fear and doubt prevents us from seeing what we need to rather than what we want to. Here Yoda acknowledges the strength of the dark side as we must and to fight it. Allowing negative and dark energies into your life can compromise you as it did with the Jedi. Anakin’s dark side was coming through and affected the Jedi force as a whole as he wasn’t able to control his emotions and anger, killing all the sand people. Sometimes we delude ourselves and don’t want to see the truth, that’s our fear holding us back. The truth will always remain as much as you want to deny it.

‘If no mistake have you made, yet losing you are … a different game you should play.’

Call it settling, compromising or stuck in a rut, sometimes we can’t figure out why things aren’t going according to plan or why things keep repeating like ground hog day. It’s hard to admit a new strategy may be in order or even failure and takes a brave person, confident within themselves to stop and change direction. Some of us will blindly carry on, but at some point you realize your life has become stagnant and you have to take a leap of faith and look at changing things. Change is scary and uncomfortable, but sometimes fate pushes you in that direction. This can be in both in career and relationships; when your career isn’t going anywhere, or your job makes you unhappy, yes you have to pay the bills but you must question are you working to live or living to work? Many city bankers and lawyers get burnt out and turn to yoga or spiritualism to gain some focus back in their lives realizing money cannot buy everything.

In relationships it’s hard to balance realistic expectations and a yearning for something possibly better. If you have to compromise or sacrifice too much of who you are then you have to question the balance in the relationship. I always say to my friends who ask me for advice ‘Can you see yourself with him/her in 10 years time?’ If they can’t answer within 30 seconds then they have their answer, ‘no’ and they must choose what they want to do with that. Settling and being content isn’t bad as long as you make it work for you. Those who search for something that is unrealistic delude themselves and continue on a path that will lead nowhere. For example I have met women who don’t want to date men their age as they find them boring and lie about their age. They give up their settled, comfortable (boring in their words) life for a superficial and deceitful one. Even though I am psychic, it doesn’t take a psychic to figure the outcome. Making the decision to take a different path is daring, but life is for living and for trying out different things after all there is no such thing as a job for life and we all die one day.

You will know good from bad when you are at calm and at peace.’

Making decisions is something we learn at a young age, but we make mistakes and we learn from them. As adults it gets harder when we have experienced lies and betrayal despite everything they will always exist. When we have distractions around us our judgement can be clouded and are susceptible to being deceived or prone to making a mistake. It reminds us not to make decisions in haste and to step back and look at things impartially. Sometimes we make decisions that are biased and inside we know whether we were fair or not. Knowing and thinking you are calm and making a fair decision are separate things. Deep down you know if someone is deceiving you and you decide whether to confront them or not. It reminds us to use your intuition and listen to yourself; what is good for you may not be good for someone else so their advice may be flawed or biased. Trust yourself and do not get swayed by others or let negative emotions mislead you.

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