Lessons from Yoda–Jedi Grand Master

He maybe a character from Star Wars but there is much we can all learn from Master Yoda, the Jedi Grand Master.

First, do not judge by looks alone as Luke Skywalker did. The wisdom of the soul is so much richer, greater and stronger than superficial appearances. Its hard in the commercialized world not to judge on appearances and I have worked in such a world. The pretty girls get the jobs, but also they have to prove they have more than looks. The phrase ‘You’re cleverer than you look’ is an insult because how does one judge intelligence on mere appearances? The media create stereotypes that the public accepts, but they are a figment of someone’s creative imagination and perception.

I say to people who scour internet dating sites looking for partners, ‘are looks going to look after you when you are ill?’ Most people lie about their age, a few years maybe, but some are shaving off decades why? If a relationship happens then all will be revealed. It’s unfair if a man wants a family and a 50 year old pretends to be 38. It’s not my life, but if people are willing to pretend to be something they are not online to strangers then I question what are they holding back from me? I usually find out, but don’t confront them as they are in denial anyhow and the old chestnut, ‘everyone does it’ appears to be a valid reason for deceiving people. The same goes for the millionaire who walks into an expensive car showroom in his old jeans and t-shirt and is ignored. Appearances are deceptive, but underneath the clothes, hair and make-up, only a pure soul will shine. Jewelry and designer clothes cannot mask a dark soul.

Second, go with your instinct. If it feels wrong it is wrong. Yoda sensed darkness in Anakin, but Obi-Wan Kenobi’s insistence on training him gave him no choice. Even if your instinct warns you, events may force you into situations out of your control. If Yoda had not given permission, Anakin would still have been trained unofficially. Sometimes you are in situations that you feel will turn out bad, but a small part of you hopes you are wrong and you give human nature a chance. Like Yoda, I have paid the price of giving a chance and although I did not end up on the Dagobah system, the gamble of giving a chance was a huge price to pay.

Thirdly, believe and have faith. Luke did not believe he could move the X-wing fighter out of the swamp, until he did he could not use the Force. Yoda showed him what was possible if you believed. Trusting yourself and believing in yourself maybe seen as arrogant, but that is if you think you are better than others. Humility is understanding everyone has different strengths. It cannot be taught, but it comes from being true to yourself and accepting of your strengths and weaknesses. If you have to pretend to be someone you are not, how can you have faith or believe in yourself? The act of self-denial is in itself saying this is how I want to appear to the world but is a façade. Most people are spiritually blocked because they want others to see them in a certain light, not as they are. No one is perfect, learning to like and accept yourself with the media cramming lists of attributes you need to have, can make you feel inferior. I read them with amusement as many people do not have them all including the writer and any therapist will tell you everyone has flaws. Feel and be true to yourself and the Force will be with you. Always!

Copyright © 2014 S.T.Alvyn All Rights Reserved

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