Peaks of Potential

For those who believe we have built in exit points in our incarnations, I believe we have built in potential points. Points where the lessons and challenges we set out for ourselves can be harnessed amongst the chaos of life. Using Pythagoras calculations, we can formulate, using the date of birth (which we chose) to ascertain those peak periods. I have been experimenting on some volunteers who had already experienced at least two peaks. We have four peaks over a 36 year period that can start as early as 25 years of age or as late as 34 years of age. The results so far have been eye opening. I too was skeptical of numerology because we can’t all have the same attributes from a number, however the combination and order of peaks vary and by channeling the soul, you can see the progression of the soul and what the intended main lessons are.

My volunteers have come back a little shocked how accurate the readings have been. Many agreed that the peaks did coincide with major changes, not only in their lives, but how they perceived themselves. Some had repeating peak numbers highlighting an important lesson, I see it a a back up to ensure if external events prevented it from being fulfilled, then the next peak would continue that lesson. Others had evolving peaks, starting with learning independence through to learning how to help others. The peaks are potential periods, like an optimal time to achieve the lessons where obstacles may remain dormant to allow success. These periods last about 18 months every 9 years depending on the start of the first peak, that is not to say sit back and see what happens, but if you need to get something done then you stand a better chance during a peak of potential.

It is possible people will not take advantage of the peaks as they are not aware of them, or only in hindsight realize what they had learnt. The calculations can help you to understand why there are certain blocks that you cannot understand despite the full moons or transits, but reading an astrological chart in conjunction with the potential peak chart can pin point focus areas and periods.

We could leave everything to ‘fate’ but in a world of distractions, signs are missed and lessons are delayed. Like all divination, it cannot tell you what will happen, but what could possibly happen and like all Sensitives, I reveal only what I am allowed; just enough to guide!

Copyright © 2014 S.T.Alvyn All Rights Reserved

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