Glimpsing into other dimensions

Some may call them other worlds or realms, but those can can visit, see or feel the presence of other dimensions can be unsettled by it. The curious use astral projection, others channel and some can just see and hear or feel it around them. Some Sensitives are given messages from the other dimensions, channeling as a conduit or it is where the Higher Self or spirit guides can communicate more effectively.

How do you know if it’s real or how real it is?

Many share their experiences online or through memoirs, but as most Sensitives will tell you, how it appears to one it can be appear differently to another. Journeying or astral projection should be undertaken with caution. Too many read self-help books that give directions, but to me the most important thing is intent. Why do you seek to visit or see the other realms? Unless you have a valid reason, access maybe denied. By reason, curiosity is not enough. Perhaps you need to find a soul fragment, to resolve an issue with someone that is holding you back or in shamanic terms to go back to your wounded child to release things that hold you back?

Another important point is to protect. Too many attempt astral projection and find themselves stuck or negative energies have attached themselves to them. It’s like jumping on a plane on auto pilot, dangerous and who knows where you will end up.
What is it like? Some of the other worlds are peaceful, but they are there as part of your soul journey and not for the present. There is no concept of time, things happen so fast, people talk and move so quickly it is impossible to assimilate and absorb everything or even make sense of it. That’s why flash images are more effective to convey messages rather than verbal communication. Occasionally there is verbal communication, but for me usually only an important sentence, phrase or word which is pertinent to a vision or the now.

Journeying is more of a planned act. It can be emotionally and physically draining as it is part of you delving into the super unconscious. Often it releases suppressed emotions and memories and that’s why past life regression can be ‘dangerous’ if you are unprepared. Before I realized I was channeling, I attempted a regression, but what I wanted to see wasn’t shown to me, but another life where I still carry some of those emotions.
Many are fascinated with the concept of other dimensions, but it is not for everyone to see or hear. At times I have been confused and mentally exhausted trying to logically figure out things. Then I realize I cannot figure it all out (and I’m not supposed to!) and like the radio, sometimes you need to switch it off or log off your laptop and recharge!

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