The Merging of the Realms

There are some of us that can see both the physical and spiritual realms simultaneously; at times it can be confusing knowing what is happening in which. I realize that what I see, others may not see. Like everything there is good and bad; ironically on the physical plane things are subtler and on the spirit plane they are direct. The shift in the Universe has accelerated and the realms have become more intertwined. Those in the Spirit realm are making their presence more obvious; there is a need to take notice and heed any ‘signs’ or ‘warnings’ that may surface.

Like other sensitives, I feel there is an imminent change that will affect the world and the Spirit world is alerting us and preparing us for its upheaval. A dark cloud has hovered over the Universe for several months; it still lingers to this day. A friend echoed my sentiments, however I feel my generation maybe here to pick up the pieces and repair what we can.

I hold faith that the path can still change and that any damage can be limited.

The veil has become finer in recent times as society evolves; the emphasis has been on the physical and material rather than the continuing spiritual soul growth and the balance has become out of synch. Life challenges have been avoided with materialism, masked by drugs and therapy. Therapy is a hand to hold, but not the solution; it can give you strength to see what you need to confront. Drugs and alcohol dulls the reality of what one sees but prefers not to–again masking what you don’t want to see, but it will not make it disappear.

Sometimes we do need feel ready or prepared to face certain challenges, however I realize there is never a perfect time! Ultimately we can have support and assistance, but reliance and expectation is a short cut; like anything if you don’t do it properly you will get sent back to start again from the beginning. It’s like a game; sometimes you get a second chance, but rolling the dice in the game of life is risky and sometime you won’t get a chance to roll the dice again in the same incarnation. Allowing it to roll over to the next can be frustrating for the soul– life itself is a risk and embracing challenges each day is just part of living.  

The greatest challenge is to ourselves; to be the best we can be and face and learn from any challenges we encounter. All our actions collectively affect the Universe and the future on both planes.

Copyright © 2013 S.T.Alvyn. All Rights Reserved

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