The Light Signs

Sometimes when you ask for an obvious sign, you do get it–but then again you question am I reading too much into this? I often sit with my morning coffee at a nearby pond with a mountain view occasionally the suns rays peak out from behind, yet sometimes the mist shields the peak. The sun shines on me through the chilly breeze–today the sun sent flickers of light dancing on the pond surface towards me, flashing like twinkling stars dancing briefly towards the bank. As I move, the lights follow me disappearing gradually as I walk away.

I see the lights and acknowledge the message in response to my question, yet still I must decide. One may guide, but free will allows us to decide. It is what I tell my charges and what I practice myself. Do we get punished if we do not follow the guidance? I think not, life may seem rockier but the guidance is advice–yes, maybe advice one ought to take, but ultimately we opt to or not.

In my greener years, I learnt listening to advice and remembering it for a later day was not only wise, but also to choose to follow advice because it is right for you and a conscious decision rather than ‘because you were told to’ shows that you are making better decisions and you have learnt some sort of balance. Listening to advice and taking advice are separate things; we can all listen but accepting it can be difficult to assimilate. Even when we get signs from The Powers That Be, should we blindly follow them or take them with a pinch of salt and then make a decision? Maybe more of an ‘OK’ but not definitive. I am a great believer of free will–that there are no wrong choices, we accept our decisions and any consequences that arise from our actions.

Individually we interpret signs slightly differently; even Sensitive readers will interpret the same visions with variations. What a sign may mean to one may mean something different to another. How and when we see things, in our dreams or when we are reflecting in our everyday life. Channeling crops up all the time, not always when it’s convenient and not always when we ask for it!

For me, I see light popping up everywhere and in places and times that are not expected. No matter how I decide to interpret the signs and messages, it is still for me to acknowledge and what I wish to do with the message.

I am a stubborn angel, I question and challenge, but with good reason. The gift of Clarity can make you discerning; at times despondent and sometimes you just shake your head at what you see and know.

Regardless one must continue and make the best choices for the Self even though the bigger picture looms and can overshadow one’s personal growth–I still struggle to maintain the balance between my ‘destined purpose’ and ‘soul evolution’.

Copyright © 2013 S.T.Alvyn. All Rights Reserved.

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