The Witch in the Woods

I met a witch in the woods today, realigning herself with nature. The fall leaves hurtled across our path as the wind brushed through the treetops pushing drops of rain on top of the leaved path.

“Sometimes we witches encounter conflicts.” A witch is a witch; no good/evil, white or black magick. Magick is magick–a manifestation against the natural course of events. Witches do not need rituals; their intent is enough to create manifestations. For some the gift of foresight is a curse; to see the future and know the outcome is not what is hoped for, to hope that the vision was wrong. Alas, ’tis rarely the case, the gift bestowed carries a burden of responsibility, knowing when and what to reveal. The pressure is conflicting and what one sees can lead to loss of faith in humanity. The future is unwritten with possible and probable outcomes, however destiny supersedes any manifestation–what will be, will be regardless.

Why is the witch conflicted? She knows right from wrong; the consequences of magick, which is worse; personal gain or baneful magick? In human form, one cannot help. Witnessing injustice and wondering whether to intervene or to allow the natural course of events to take place. Negative thoughts and energies manifest through anger and frustration–she doesn’t mean to, but she is human. It is dangerous for a witch unable to control her power, that being her emotions and feelings, she must try to let the shadow side pass by. Even for a witch who consciously chooses not to practice magick, the manifestation can be released, does the threefold rule apply? Maybe, maybe not; it is more of a deterrent, passing on the punishment to your descendants and weakening the hereditary power.

Why does magick exist? When the veil between the realms become transparent some can see into both sides, what is happening and what is to be. The visions can be a burden, prying into one’s inner most thoughts and desires, seeing what you would rather not know.

She cries out to the wind which direction should she follow, knowing her manifestation vibrations may alter the course of events–is it worth the risk of the consequences to exercise free will? Knowing too much creates indecision; visions serve as a warning to aid and protect, but free will still exists–that is the conflict within. The wind breaks a branch that lands at her feet. Despite inner good intentions and integrity, the value of being true to yourself when humanity thinks little of honoring justice can come into question. Hard as it is, that is the journey of the others to discover, knowing you did the right thing, if others betray, cheat or lie, you may suffer as a result of their actions, but their consequences will arrive in their own time.

The curse of seeing the truth and things clearly is difficult to sustain, seeing the true face behind the masks. The disingenuous, the wounded, the liars, the scarred, the arrogant and the few warm souls. Often you wish you are mistaken, but rarely is that the case. Avoiding negative people maybe be anti-socia,l but they are dangerous in taking all the light and energy–many would not understand. This is why witches favor solitude, space and peace–the constant visions and voices are overwhelming.

Sometimes there are no answers; sometimes it’s not your battle to fight; sometimes just knowing is too painful.

The witch withdraws into her Higher Self, overthinking with a conscience burdens her. Does she allow fate to take its course or allow her thoughts to manifest and influence the sequence of events? That path is yet undecided.

Copyright © 2013 S.T.Alvyn All Rights Reserved

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