Your Mission should you decide to accept

I am not atypical of most light workers, I am direct and I question things that maybe I should not. Over time I have noticed patterns which I am learning from, but with the realization comes the understanding and the knowledge of the possible consequences. It may seem dramatic, each task is a mission, many happen without consciously entering into them and gradually you realize why you are in a certain place and with particular people. Sometimes I tell them they have lessons to learn and things to resolve or confront and if they choose not to, then they will have to do next time round–it’s their choice!

Once you recognize the signs and the recurring patterns, you  may have the knowledge of what you are getting yourself into; do you choose to accept a mission that may be part of your path or that it may stall the direction you wish to follow? I am all for destiny and fate intervening (OK I accept it) but when you are given a ‘mission impossible‘ do you accept knowing the consequences will drain you, cause you pain and divert you on your chosen path of free will?

On more than one occasion I have gone against the signs and taken diversions on my path, (I am sure my guides despair of me) and whilst I embrace challenges, I understand it is not the outcome that matters it is the support given even in what may seem a hopeless situation. I appear to be given cases where there is no more hope, my mission to show the light is still visible and renew faith to those who no longer can see hope or the light on their path.

Unlike many, I spell things out in black and white for them; they may hear, but do not listen. I do not judge but illustrate the options on their path and tell them the consequences as they are and more importantly I explain it is their free will to choose what is right for them. I find myself faced with another mission, I was debating accepting it until writing this post and I have answered my own question!  However I retain my free will  to accept or reject the mission, not because  I do not feel I cannot face the challenge, but it would force me to face part of my shadow side and lessons that I would rather not want to confront at present. Then again there is no perfect time and are we ever ready to face what we would rather not?

Perhaps the Powers that Be feel its time  for me to face and challenge certain aspects, perhaps others have tried and it’s my turn? Maybe they will leave me with no choice but to accept the mission? Each mission seems to get tougher, though emotionally I have been learning to distance myself to reduce the impact when I leave. The intensity is greater and the missions arrive faster with greater clarity of the situation.

Sometimes seeing things as they are does not make things any easier–at times ignorance can be bliss.

 Copyright © 2013 S.T. Alvyn. All Rights Reserved

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