Akashic Records-A Work in progress

I recently accessed my Akashic Records to help me understand some conflicts that I had and which had come to a stalemate. There are many myths surrounding them and as we know there is nothing we can tangibly prove otherwise on this plane. The records hold all your thoughts, desires, actions, emotions, choices and decisions. When you do access them you must have specific questions in mind and in my case somethings were not for me to know. I had a reader who helped access them for me, but as soon as she did each question I asked, the answer came to me. In my case the reader answered my questions and reconfirmed what  was being revealed to me. The channeling was vivid, direct and heightened my clair abilities.

You do have to request permission to access them, even another reader must have your permission. Any reader that reads someone without permission or their knowledge is defying the respect of the soul. If access is not granted it maybe that you are not asking the right questions or the answers are not for you to know right now, although some guidance may be given. Like soul retrieval, you must state your intent and reason for access, also you must be ready to hear and see things that you may not like.

I heard things that were true about my past lives that I have carried through and have learnt to release and heal, repaid some karmic debt and now I can see clearly and understand some of my conflicting relationships and why I have certain feeling towards situations. It is a work in progress, sometimes we need some help and like a library we can check in and look up a query or something we need to understand. The danger is some may over rely on the records and not think for themselves or not to try to figure out the lesson for themselves, this is when access or information will be denied.

Accessing them can be overwhelming, nothing is hidden and your shadow side will come through. Use the Akashic Records wisely and the clarity will enable you to feel the faith on your path more clearly. (You wouldn’t be accessing them if you were settled on your path, nor would access be given!) I have found access is granted when you need to get back on the path or confusion has resulted in stagnation. The information is to guide not answer, because only we decide on the eventual answers ultimately.

Copyright © 2013 S.T. Alvyn. All Rights Reserved

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