Shamanic Darkness

There are mixed writings on shamanic initiation and practices and very few really know or understand how it works. It is complex and true shamanism I believe leads you into a darkness that alters your view of life and humanity forever. There is often little preparation or warning when the ‘Initiation‘ process starts, mainly as it would defeat the purpose of the object, to learn how to survive ‘death’ with nothing around to help you.

You enter darkness; a bleak place where there is nothing but emptiness, there is no light or hope, no one to help you, nothing to comfort you or anyone one anywhere to look to for advice. Quite simply you are alone and abandoned. Cruel, it may seem, but survival is the goal and the pain, confusion, suffering and loss of faith is part of the process. The aim to learn to put the pieces together and find a way back through it all, to persevere and find strength and courage deep from within. It is more than a test of faith or a Dark Soul of the Night is some ways; it’s a rebirthing and learning process.

Life becomes a blank canvas, much like the Death card the slate is wiped clean, but with it this time you have knowledge. It is difficult to put it aside and not to use logic, as it makes no sense, as you are reduced to bare survival tactics. The transition is unsettling and uncomfortable, there is little guidance and using your intuition and trusting it is all you have. You must unlearn what you have learnt.

It is a little like having a transparent blindfold in the desert not knowing which way to go, having only your instincts to guide and survive.

 Copyright © 2013 S.T. Alvyn. All Rights Reserved


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