Earth Angels-painful lessons

There are theories of what an Earth Angel is–is it the same as an Incarnated Angel? Perhaps it is, I can only talk of my own experiences and what knowledge I am given.  Most will have been an angel or guide before reincarnating to have some experience of how to assist and help and know when to and when to step back. Incarnated Angels  have come back to help and also to guide the Earth Angels. Some Earth Angels or light workers are ‘in training’ and balance learning and helping. Nethertheless, on earth we all have lessons to learn whether we intended them or not.

Earth angels can come into your life and make a connection and then drift away once their work is done. In my case, some of my ‘charges’ I have known for 20 years and it was 10 years later when the relationship became stronger, when I was needed, but I was already there ready. In other cases, the sudden chance meetings that reoccur, whatever the case, a connection was established.

However, Earth Angels are not like doctors to fix things, we pick you up and put you back on your path supporting you, it is your free will to want help and learn from it. In my case people were at their lowest ebb, where they would listen despite what their prior beliefs were as they had nothing left to lose. The danger is to become a crutch for the ‘charge’, learning to let go and let them fall on their path is hard. I wonder, did I fail? It was their lesson to learn, my job was to put them back to where they needed to be when they were ‘lost.’ That was my lesson to learn, they were given a second or third chance and the rest is up to them.

My painful lesson is watching them  once back on their feet and then returning to their old ways that  contributed and resulted in the predicament they were in. I cannot intervene again, I did my job, I can guide and steer, but if they did not acknowledge the lesson they needed to learn I cannot enforce it. My only option is to step away and emotionally detach–some may say that is not very angelic, but to hinder ones lessons negates the soul evolving. A classic cruel to be kind, even if I can see their future, I am prevented from revealing too much. Recently I told a ‘charge’ I had to stand back, when asked why, I told them they had their own lessons to learn. They asked “What lessons?” that was not my place to say, but the fact that they may not realize they have more to learn reinforces why I must take a step back.

The misconceptions that Earth Angels are immune to pain and suffering is a myth, here we are human and subject to the emotions all others feel. That includes betrayal and pain, it is worse as I know when I am being lied to and the other party has convinced themselves it is their truth. I have to accept it and allow the consequences however dire to unfold, perhaps I am a conduit for them to learn truth and integrity? The conflict I have within is difficult to overcome, I have learnt to walk away and attempt tolerance–I cannot change someone, but hope to guide them to what is right and honest. Another lesson is to learn the limitations no matter how noble my intentions are. People have their free will to change, even when they know they are doing wrong. For me, I struggle to understand why that is so–all I can do is convey knowledge; listening is one thing, but actioning is another. I had a glimpse of who I was/am and why I am here, to help angels understand why lessons are becoming more difficult to achieve. As yet I do not have all the answers.

What are the consequences if I do not walk away? Life becomes difficult and my own path becomes clouded and spiritually blocked. Knowing when to help and when to walk away are equally important. The light we bring is transient and is to enable others to have their own, Earth Angels light can be depleted and as one wise reader told me, “You have to let them go as you have others that need your help.” Showing others the path and lighting it for them is the best start, the rest is their journey–we merely prepare them!

Copyright © 2013 S.T.Alvyn All Rights Reserved.

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