Private Thoughts- do they exist?

I still get amazed when I watch a medium tell someone they are reading, what they were thinking and that in the Spirit world they hear everything. Well it is a two way channel, we tell and ask them things and of course they must be able to hear us, but I wonder if they filter anything out? It is human to have some naughty or negative thoughts from time to time, so are any of our thoughts ever really private? Sometimes it is necessary to zone out and not think of anything, otherwise the brain is on overload. That’s when watching soap operas and cartoons are great to not think!

Some of the forums and posts I read tell us  if we have negative thoughts, that we send out bad vibrations and that bad thoughts are as if we were carrying out the deed. I would like to think this is not the case if the feeling is transitory.  If every thought was pure and good, we would not have stress, worry, depression, anger, sadness or pain. Without those to counterbalance how could we measure happiness and what is good? Of course bad thoughts are not encouraged and can lead to bad actions, but we as humans do make mistakes. Anger and sadness are normal reactions and learning to deal with it and then letting it go is part of the learning process–to never  experience either would be abnormal. Repressing negative thoughts is a hard task on the Spiritual path and fighting it is probably one of the hardest things you will encounter. Sometimes  changing  your viewpoint of how things appear can help ease the burden, but sometimes we have to ride and survive the tidal wave. You know its wrong, but you cannot help how you feel and it’s okay despite what others say. It’s normal, but hopefully you learn how to cope and the negativity decreases and fades away. It’s like going cold turkey, doing it slowly and step by step is the best and most successful way.

On the other hand, do they listen and watch our day dreams? I would like to think they are private, but doubt they are. Sometimes the Spirit world may misinterpret what we think or what we want to do, very much like a psychic interpreting visions and messages, each may see things slightly differently. Even as a psychic, when I have had readings the same message comes through with  varying deliveries, for my own validation rather than testing a Sensitive because ultimately when it is ourselves we cannot be objective about what we see. Sometimes it not what we want to see and hear and having someone else reaffirm it can help any misinterpretations. In my case, I just did not see the obvious, being oblivious and not realizing. At times it can be a burden which is why sometimes not all information is revealed, I now understand.

There are some things we are not supposed to know and some things I would prefer the Spirit world not to know, but all our thoughts are recorded somehow, somewhere (Akashic Records). Every word we say, thought that crosses our mind and every word we write they see and hear. I am sure they do not judge, but hopefully  they filter out some of the nonsense that goes through my head!

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