Spiritual Breadcrumbs

When or if we feel lost or blocked, we find ourselves in need of a trail of breadcrumbs; they will appear and guide us in the right direction. Breadcrumbs can come in the guise of a déjà vu (Visualizing a predestined event), signs (including numbers, mine a repetition of 757), symbols (black cats in my case), triggers (a phrase, smell, picture or place), an angel whisper and good old fate (Series of events out of your control) can appear when you least expect them. Initially you may miss them until they magnify and you recollect them in hindsight, as there are often subtle and easily missed in today’s hectic society. They give us clues and guidance when we need divine intervention. Very few of us will never find ourselves at a crossroad and when we do it is hard to decide between what you want and what is right. At times we cannot see clearly and the ‘breadcrumbs’ can assist in seeing things as they need to be.

Do not depend and rely on ‘breadcrumbs’, they are to aid us and are not answers; look at why that ‘breadcrumb’ was left and shown to you–only you can interpret what it means to you.  Psychic cannot always look into your soul (though some can) and understand the true meaning of the message. Psychics can only read what you permit them to and what Spirit allows to be shown. I have doubts when I hear psychics claiming to clear karmic ties and uncover your soul purpose, because it is for the individual to discover. A psychic can guide and put you back on the path, but they cannot clear what you alone must do. It would be a disservice, as you will have to do the lesson again. Psychics interpret channeled visions and messages, but if the message is only to be shown to the individual even the most gifted psychic will not be shown the information sought. There are some things no one else is privy too and there is no easy way or shortcut. You may ask, but will only be told what you need to know when you are ready.

Help and guidance appear only when needed, too many depend on ‘breadcrumbs’ to govern their decisions when their path is to venture with faith. Trust a guiding light will always follow and reveal ‘breadcrumbs’ should you stumble into the dark.

Unlike Hansel and Gretel the trail will be random and staggered and some ‘breadcrumbs’ will be recollected subconsciously, piece them together and continue on your path to your home–your destiny.

Copyright © 2013 S.T.Alvyn All Rights Reserved

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