Indigo Insurgence

Too often people do ‘tests ‘on forums and then ask, “Am I an Indigo”; the answer is ‘Does it matter?’ If you have to ask, then the answer is probably no. Various forums list attributes then if you tick most of them, hey you found out what you are! I have always raised an eyebrow at the mention of various labels, I was told I was an Indigo at the end of a reading by a gifted reader who did not tell me until the end, at which I raised both eyebrows and put it to one side. I did look into it and whilst yes I identify with a huge percentage of the traits listed, it has not changed me except I don’t feel that I am completely out on a limb. Simply Indigoes are those with higher vibrations and intuitive abilities, however not all Indigoes will fulfil their potential, and there will be those who think they are and probably will attempt to follow a path they were not destined for. That is the danger of media appealing to the susceptible and people searching for something to belong to.

You can be gifted with the ability to see, hear and speak to spirits or channel and receive messages. You maybe an ‘Indigo’ and not be spiritual and vice versa. It is about how and if you can and want to use the abilities you have been given. My mother denies her abilities and sees them as a curse and has encouraged me to do the same when I confided in her one day when some of my visions had manifested. She had let me wallow in 35 years of confusion. I have made my own decision to try to use them to help others if I can. It is a concern that people believe this gives them some status, and whilst it is a trait that Indigoes feel they are above others, real Indigoes don’t show or reveal it or talk about it, rather it is felt in a modest manner.

Also, I see on various forums people saying they are Indigo, Crystal or Star and sit back and expect things to happen. Newsflash, it doesn’t and when and if events outside your control occur, it is for a reason. Some deal with it and embrace the situation, others do not fare well and struggle. I am alarmed at parents declaring they have Indigo children and believing that they must be treated with kid gloves.I believe that the child must be allowed to find their own path, as that is their destiny. To interfere would hinder their growth. I recently advised a parent to allow her 18-year old to follow and find her own path, the mother was obsessed with feeding her Indigo food, giving her Indigo material to read etc… I pity the poor child. Life is to grow and learn, to make our mistakes and understand them, to fall over and pick ourselves up, whilst parents ideally want to protect, teaching them to survive is the greatest lesson one can be allowed to learn. Traditionally Indigoes are born into families with dysfunctional families as they are more than capable of surviving alone and being independent. Most I have interacted  with are independent and  estranged from their families. It is I believe part of the ‘training’, standing on your own feet as soon as you can walk. myself included so I speak from experience. I doubt many would be born into smothered families, as how would they learn or have any basis for independence? Whilst my parents survive, they are biological, kind people who wish me no harm and vice versa, yet there is no bond.  This may sound very ‘Village of The Damned’, but we choose our parents for many reasons, also for them to learn their own lessons.

My experience, as a gifted child, I was moved up a year and given extra tuition. My brother was not, but was expected to be as intelligent as me. This led to his hatred of me and consequent bullying from my peers. I would correct teachers and I was fortunate that many just let me sit in the library to read whilst the rest of the class were still working. The bullying taught me to be strong and to stand up for myself, that injustice exists at all ages and that to overcome this is to understand human nature and the inherent jealousies that exist and to work through the emotions to prevent and deal with these situations. I am loyal and protective towards my brother despite his hatred towards me. These are lessons I have learnt, the natural hard way. My parents were too busy to interfere; if they had I may not have become the strong independent person I am today.

I read on a forum recently, someone who thought they were psychic and asked where to look up what her visions meant. In true Indigo fashion–seriously, if you had visions and the gift, you would have the intuition to realise that you have to interpret it yourself. Cayce did not have the internet to look up answers and many before and after him. The internet is good to back up information or have alternate opinions, but ultimately it is the gut instinct that reigns supreme and is the only answer.

Philosophically speaking, I believe if you are able to help someone and you want to from the heart then you do not need to have a label to do so. Soothing, comforting and healing words, guiding support and understanding for those who need and ask for help is why one has certain gifts. Indigoes may be classified as the leaders that will change the world, but we can all change the world in our own way, by helping people around us to be less selfish and altruistic and to see the bigger picture. There will be some of us that will write to help others to understand, some will make speeches wherever they can be heard, set up campaigns, fight for freedom and injustice, others fight for a fair educational system, educate the world on global warming and to do what is morally the right thing.

My own philosophy is; if roles were reversed and there was someone out there who was able to help me and could, it would only be right to do so. Not only is it the moral thing to do, but that person could be you in another incarnation. The Law of Consequences is a harsh karmic force, but regardless if the act is not from a genuine heart then the Law will still apply.

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