Destiny V Fate

Just what is fate or destiny? Terms we use to describe events that appear out of our control or what we accept as the inevitable. Rather than analyse what the terms means, it is a better use of energy to see how they affect our lives and what it means to us.

Fate is the series of events that appear ‘fatalistic’ or ‘meant to be’, they occur to help push us onto the correct destiny path. We can change our fate through free will, a decision to go left instead or right yields different outcomes, yet if fate prevails and right was the correct destined path, then events will generate that outcome at some point. Some of us will recognize what our destiny is, some may not like it and push it aside. Others may feel the timing is not right. It is happening more as material comforts govern our everyday existence. It exists, but if we choose not to accept and follow, then fate will intervene and create the circumstances whereby you either have no choice but to follow your destiny or it becomes the best option possible.

The usual question is, “How do you know what is your destiny?” One knows instinctively what is right for oneself. Doubt may creep in from time to time, but that is human. Some including myself think, “Is it my imagination or a pipe dream?” and the fear of appearing unrealistic or foolish in the eyes of others. I believe you can control and change your destiny path or at least understand what you need to do. An element of belief can make the journey less arduous. I changed mine only to be put back on it. We can rebel, but ultimately destiny will prevail, at these times one can see more evidence of ‘destiny’ and ‘fate’. What we attempt to plan that is in contradiction of where we need to be becomes difficult and those plans falter. We are left with the path chosen for us that we had pre planned before we incarnated

Knowing your destiny and accepting it are two different things; Some know and hesitate to embrace it; those who accept it may not fully understand their destiny, but know that fate has a role in their destiny.

I see fate as a ‘helper’ putting things back on tracks–steering, stopping, restarting and removing obstacles. Fate is the outcome that makes us look at things clearly, to stop and take stock. Things do happen for a reason, I used to try to find answers to the reasons, now I accept that I need to look at the actions and understand the purpose of it. More often than not, I only understand in hindsight, which is how it ought to be as if I went in knowing what was expected I would not have learnt and grown in areas of my self I had not anticipated.

Trust we grow and learn when we least expect it.

Copyright © 2013 S.T.Alvyn All Rights Reserved

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