The Sceptical Spiritualist on a Spiritual Journey

Is there such a thing? Deep down we all have an element where we question what we see, believe and hear. I am a skeptic; I always have been and will be as I question everything around me. It doesn’t mean I don’t have faith as I do, but there are things I still want to understand, perhaps it is not for me to know, but that does not stop the curiosity from arising.

I believe in Spiritualism where I know that the soul is eternal and that what we do in each incarnation builds up, to evolve our souls. Spiritualists do not doubt, but doubt is a human trait and is what we learn from. I question not from doubt but from wanting to understand. Does that make me less of a Spiritualist or a bad Spiritualist? I think not, it doesn’t define me, I decide what is right for me and my beliefs in what I can see and feel. All of us are on a spiritual journey whether we realise it or not, it is a choice to recognise the path and actively travel along it. That often means taking a leap of faith and trusting forces outside our control aka ‘Fate’. Many question ‘does it exist?’ The fact it can never be proven as it is intangible proves that it is how you view it and how you let it affect you.

Free will and our choices determine the route of the path; personally I have gone the long, steep and rocky route. The destination is always the same, but it’s what we learn about ourselves, society and others en route that builds the essence of our being and enhances our soul evolution After a while when there are too many ‘coincidences’ and when the same events recur then its time to stop and look at the picture. We may not be ready for what has been predestined, but when we are then events speed up. As a reader told me, “Spirit will nudge you, and can take away everything to put you in the position you need to be in.” You cannot escape your destiny, but procrastinate yes. There is no time limit, if you do not fulfill what you laid out in this incarnation then it merely carries onto the next.

From questioning we learn; never stop asking and searching for when we do we have stopped living and evolving.

Copyright © 2013 S.T.Alvyn All Rights Reserved

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