Intuition V Logic

Intuition is one of those words people raise their eyebrows at and roll their eyes with a smirk, yet it exists quantifiably and intangibly. Just what is it? The unexplainable notion of knowing something against the odds with no logical explanation. Sometimes, it can make sense, but more often it is obscure knowledge with no reasoning. We all have intuition with varying degrees; those with heightened levels fight it, ignore it and get confused by it as we get older.

A child, a blank canvas with no preconceptions or any means to measure logic with will use their gut instinct and intuition in all they do. Instinct is different as a natural reaction to a situation for example touching something hot. Intuition is knowing something with no frame of reference. Children know no rules or protocols and intuitively follow what their subconscious tells them. I recall my own childhood, my green days where I had no prejudices indoctrinated in me, nor societal or moral righteousness ingrained in me. I just knew what to do, how to survive, what was intrinsically right and what was wrong without hesitation, but also without explanation. My salad days of innocence are a reminder of how I was and how I did not hesitate or question as I do now as a ‘conditioned ‘adult, I have to relearn faith and trust in myself. My intuition has always been strong, yet I allowed logic to succumb and thus paid the penalty. Some may say ‘poppycock’, but when you go against the grain of absoluteness you accept the consequences regardless. It exists to protect and guide us, when we ignore this or deny it we have to reevaluate all that we know and believe.

The media and new social values influence us in all areas of our life today; fighting it to be an individual becomes harder, to clear your mind and to stand alone and be free of judgmental opinions, to trust and believe your intuition then act on it and put aside any doubts, queries or fears. I write this having to remove myself from all that I have known, isolating myself to enable me to have the faith and strength I had as a child. I was shy, but had the courage of my convictions and stood up for myself. Now, as an adult instead of becoming stronger I find I am weaker, but know I can regain what I had lost.

There are times I have chosen logic over intuition–logic failed me regardless of the proven facts and what was on paper. I may not understand the principles of my intuition, but that would have been the better option.Trust is earned and gained, and within oneself is harder–a conflict of the mind and soul. You cannot undo all the knowledge you have attained, but you have to open yourself to what is indeterminable and improbable and allow those options to be accepted.

We have all written the list of pros and cons, but whilst we do, we already know the solution deep within us and feel the need to justify our decision. We only have to justify it to ourselves. It may go against what everyone else thinks, look bad on paper and be the least likely option, but the strength to follow what you know is right is the hardest thing to quantify. You can only listen to you, your heart and soul. You build the trust within yourself and have the courage to be guided, not only blind faith… more an invisible faith–invisible to others only.

What is important is trusting yourself and having the courage to be yourself and follow what your soul guides you to do. It is not easy nor is it impossible, intuition guides us and allows us to grow stronger as a person–by listening and acting we grow and become the person we are supposed to become. A strong and balanced soul.

Copyright © 2013 S.T.Alvyn All Rights Reserved

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